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How COVID-19 Impacted Photography Leave a comment

Like many other areas and fields in the world, photography has been significantly affected by COVID-19 and the ongoing pandemic. Although it’s a bit selfish to pinpoint photography as the only subject that’s been affected, it’s a sorrowful reality at how it has plagued the artform. However, there isn’t only negativity that is being derived from this pandemic and photography.

The negative notion of the situation is unquestionable. Still, it’s a bright future to look at the positive aspects of it. Looking at how photographers are adapting, their work, and what this means to photography moving forward. With this subject in mind, we’re going to take a quick look at how COVID-19 has affected photography.

Pandemic Photography

Although the pandemic is a dejected tale in and of itself, it birthed a new form of photography. Shots of essential workers, crowded stores, empty streets, and hospitals are a new model of this modern pandemic photography. We’re seeing some of the most unique and exciting photos from history, and they’ll be regarded forever as people look back at this particular time in history.

Home Photography

Since lockdown orders first began, photographers couldn’t ignore their passion and found ways to pursue photography in the comfort of their homes. From this, more shots of minimalism, indoor settings, and self-portraits made their way to the forefront of photography. It’s an exceptional understanding of how photography shifts because of a pandemic.

Online Focus (Teaching/Tutorials/Selling Gear)

With or without a pandemic, the world has been moving toward a digital online reality anyway. The pandemic has undoubtedly sped up the process, and photographers are using their platform to teach or sell their work online. Photography businesses have also shifted their focus to the online world. This was already starting to happen, but now it seems to be the foremost way photographers in all genres can still make a living.

Photography Improvement and Investment

One commonality regarding this pandemic among most people is the amount of free time it’s given people. As a result, most amateur photographers are spending more time on their craft. Whereas experienced, savvy photographers are using it as a way of investment toward their photography business. Yes, incomes are certainly going down, but that’s not stopping photographers from improving and investing in themselves for when the pandemic comes to an end. Here is a list of ways you can develop or invest in your photography endeavor during this pandemic:

●      Create or improve your website, and present more content for more reaches online.

●      Take a few online photography courses or teach a few courses of your own.

●      Re-edit old images and present them with a new look.

●      Create an updated portfolio on your website.

●      Try a new style of photography you’re not comfortable (as long as it’s pandemic friendly).

Although the current reality isn’t the happiest or perfect time right now, it’ll reach a sense of normality sooner than we realize. Whether it’s in a year or longer, photography will return to its previous state with gigs being booked, photographers going out, and businesses not struggling as they once were. 

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