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Lighting Accessories

Aputure F10 Fresnel Attachment for LS 600d LED Light
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Brand: Aputure Model: Aputure F10 Fresnel Attachment
F10 Fresnel Attachment for LS 600d LED Light from Aputure allows smooth focusing of the light's beam spread from a tight 15° to a 45° medium flood. The Fresnel's design has built-in ventilation to prevent overheating while thwarting spill light.BenefitsUp to 200,000 lux @ 3.28' with the Aputure LS 6..
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Aputure LS60 Softbox
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Brand: Aputure Model: LS60 Softbox
LS60 Softbox from Aputure is a softbox measuring 14 x 14". It is compatible with the LS 60d and 60x LED lights. It can be used as a key light or back light and can be tucked into corners and locations where larger softboxes are not able to fit. A useful solution for corporate and broadcast work, the..
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Model: Background rode with Stands
8 X 10ft Photography Background Stand Support System Kit Light Stand Aluminum alloy construction Max height: 98.5"(250cm) Folded height: 34"(87cm) Net weight: 2.20 lbs (1kg) Heavy Duty Spring Clamp Single Size?3.1 x 4.5 inches Package Size: 7.5 x 7.5 x 2 inches Maximum Opening: 2 inch mouth Material..
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Model: Background with Stands Kit
Stand Kit consists of two black folding upright stands that can rise to a height of 8' 10", a crossbar that can expand to a width of 9' 5", and a travel case with handle.It is ideal for the photographer on the go. The stand (w/o paper) is lightweight (12 lb / 5.4 kg), and compact, collapsing to less..
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Brand: Qihe Model: QH-2650T
QH-2650T is designed for installation of studio lighting fixtures at any angle and in any direction.The reliable design of the crane eliminates the possibility of damage to lighting equipment - all the main components and parts (including clamps, couplings, rivets and a counterweight bracket) are ma..
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Model: Tripo TR-05 Multi Flash Adopter
Can connect 5 flash in one time,Greatly increasing light intensity to supplemental lighting all the corners.No pre-assembly & post-disassembly. Smaller size, lighter weight, & less occupied spaceUnique speedlite mounting way: mounted horizontally or vertically by wrapping speedlite bodyRelia..
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