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Brand: Aputure Model: 100x Bicolor LED Light
100x Bicolor LED Light from Amaran is a 100W light source with variable color from 2700 to 6500K and a CRI/TLCI rating of 95/96 to indicate advanced accuracy in color rendering. The light is dimmable from 0 to 100%, and while you can make these adjustments locally on the fixture, you can also make t..
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Aputure 120D Mark II Light
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Brand: Aputure Model: Aputure 120D Mark II Light
The Aputure Light Storm 120D Mark II is a new and improved version of the original C120D. It is 25% brighter than the original. Additionally, a new controller box and improved yoke enable easy set up and transportation. It has a fixed 5500K white continuous light. The LED fixture has an approximate ..
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Aputure 300D Mark II Light
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Brand: Aputure Model: Aputure 300D Mark II Light
Aputure's Light LS C300d Mark II LED Light Kit with V-Mount Battery Plate is an enhanced version with 20% more power, refined features, and advanced connectivity. Aputure uses Chip on Board (COB) technology to produce a 5500K color temperature, with power consumption of just 350W, while outputting 3..
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Brand: Aputure Model: Aputure Accent B7c LED RGBWW Light
Aputure Accent B7c LED RGBWW Light. The bantam fixture has a white light range of 2000 to 10,000K to blend in seamlessly in any ambient light situation, match other fixtures, or exercise creative expression. The light's high CRI/TLCI rating of 95/96 is a testament to its advanced accuracy in color r..
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Aputure Accent B7C RGBWW LED 8-Light Kit with Charging Case
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Brand: Aputure Model: B7C RGBWW
Accent B7C RGBWW LED 8-Light Kit from Aputure is a location lighting solution in a convenient carrying case. It includes eight of the versatile RGBWW LED bulbs in a rugged polymer carrying case that features an integrated multi-voltage AC charger, flip-lock latches, and a pressure release valve. Thi..
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Brand: Aputure Model: Amaran AL-F7
Aputure Amaran AL-F7 On-Camera Variable Color LED Light is an on-camera LED light that utilizes 256 LEDs with a CRI of 95+ to deliver variable color illumination with high color accuracy. This fixture features variable color temperature output from 3200 to 9500K. The fixture's 45° beam angle produce..
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Brand: Aputure Model: Amaran AL-MX Bicolor LED
The Aputure Amaran AL-MX Bicolor LED Mini Light has an adjustable color temperature output from 2800 to 6500K in five steps, features a metal chassis, an integrated lithium polymer battery, and can fit in your pocket. In addition to the stepped color temperature adjustment, the light also features s..
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Brand: Aputure Model: Amaran HR672C Bi-Color LED Flood
Amaran HR672C Bi-Color LED Flood Light from Aputure is an LED panel that uses 672 CRI 95+ rated LEDs to render colors with optimal precision and accuracy. Color is variable from a warm 3,200K to daylight balanced 5,500K meaning that you can easily match other light sources, balance the unit with amb..
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Brand: Aputure Model: Baby Stand (7.5')
The 7.5' Baby Stand from Aputure is a medium-sized support that rises to a maximum height of 7.5'. The aluminum stand features air-cushioned risers that gently lower your gear when making height adjustments to prevent impact damage...
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Brand: Aputure Model: Chimera Lightbank with Eggcrate Grid
The Aputure Chimera Lightbank with Eggcrate Grid for LS1s and LS1c LED Panels is a light modifier that mounts onto the light's barndoors and softens the output of the bright LED. The included Full and 1/2 Gridless front diffusers can be used separately or together to provide three variations of soft..
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Brand: Aputure Model: Compact mini20 Light Stand
The Compact mini20 Light Stand Kit from Aputure is comprised of three supports that rise to a maximum height of 6.3', and thanks to a reverse-folding leg design, fold down to just 19". Each stand has an industry-standard 5/8" mounting stud and will handle gear weighing up to 7 lb. A carry case with ..
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Aputure F10 Fresnel Attachment for LS 600d LED Light
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Brand: Aputure Model: Aputure F10 Fresnel Attachment
F10 Fresnel Attachment for LS 600d LED Light from Aputure allows smooth focusing of the light's beam spread from a tight 15° to a 45° medium flood. The Fresnel's design has built-in ventilation to prevent overheating while thwarting spill light.BenefitsUp to 200,000 lux @ 3.28' with the Aputure LS 6..
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Brand: Aputure Model: Aputure Lantern 90 (3')
Lantern 90 from Aputure casts a near 360° soft light that spreads evenly over a large area. You can mount it horizontally or hang it overhead on a boom to raise the ambient light level, open up shadows, and let more focused fixtures work their magic.To add versatility to the lantern, Aputure include..
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Brand: Aputure Model: Lantern
The 26" diameter Lantern Softbox from Aputure has the same omni-directional quality of light as the "China Balls" of yore but is built of durable materials and has accessories such as a skirt set to control the 270-degree beam spread. The Lantern has a Bowens mount that fits Aputure lights such as t..
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Brand: Aputure Model: Light Dome (35")
The 35" Light Dome for Light Storm LS Cob120t 120d, 300d, and 300t from Aputure is a unique, 16-sided, 24" deep light shaper that is intended for the LS Cob120, 300d, and 300t fixtures, but thanks to the included Bowens speedring, it is compatible with the many manufacturers making products that use..
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Brand: Aputure Model: Aputure Light Dome II (34.8")
34.8" Light Dome II from Aputure is a 16-sided modifier that offers quality of light options and wide compatibility with Aputure lights, as well as those of the many other manufacturers that use the popular Bowens front accessory mount. The structure of the Light Dome II is fortified by its 16 durab..
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