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25 Oct The Catharsis of Photography - Foto Crown
Shabir 0 4
WHY DO WE DO IT: THE CATHARSIS OF PHOTOGRAPHY. Speaking of evolution and biology, both have proved with time that human has this urge to create. Human has always been creating things out of his curiosity and imagination. “Being human is to make,” Par..
21 Oct Best Wedding Photography Ideas And Tips
Murtaza 0 162
Wedding PhotographDo you wish to create better wedding photographs? Weddings are among the most memorable occasions for couples. Wedding photography differs from other types of photography because you have only one chance to get your pictures that sh..
18 Oct 5 Innovative Ideas for Short Films that You Can Actually Produce
Shabir 0 105
Short films are based on a few minutes, maybe ten-twenty. These films consume low budgets and escalate the chances of success if you have a strong script and excellent video making skills. As an entrepreneur, it is a great idea to create short films ..
05 Oct How To Use Manual Focus? Manual Focus Techniques
Murtaza 0 431
What exactly is Manual Focus?The manual focus process is the method to adjust the field of view manually selecting the sharpness of the image at the various distances that you can set in your lens. When you rotate the manual focus ring, you can adjus..
05 Oct When We Need To Use Manual Focus?
Murtaza 0 95
Manual FocusIt's difficult to imagine an era before our trusted autofocus (AF) systems when we were using manual focus. Today, cameras have a staggering total of more than 850 AAF points. The manual focus ring doesn't seem to be used anymore.But toda..
04 Oct Why is a Tripod Better Than Handheld
Murtaza 0 116
One of the main goals of photography is creating sharp photos which can be achieved by eliminating motion blur. Therefore, having tripods for certain kinds of photography is necessary.Tripods can be a bit heavy and uncomfortable to use, but they are ..
04 Oct Canon EOS 1300D Review
Murtaza 0 115
Canon's EOS80D an entry-level DSLR with 24 Megapixel sensor that is APS-C size with a 45-point AF system. It also has continuous shooting at 7 fps along with Full HD video with up to 1080 pixels at 60 frames per second. Providing an increase in perfo..
28 Sep Ideal Lenses For Photographers
Murtaza 0 215
Nikon Inc. is a multibillion-dollar Japanese firm that specializes in cameras, optics, precision equipment, and instruments. It was founded in 1917. Nikon's efforts to develop products, technologies, and solutions that exceed customers' expectations ..
27 Sep Why To Choose Canon Camera - Advantages Of Canon Cameras
Murtaza 0 192
No matter if you're new or an experienced photographer, Canon is a brand you are likely to recognize. Maybe you even own one of their models. The company is a veteran and has many models to choose from. Canon currently has an advantage because they h..
16 Sep Best Cameras For Product Photography
Murtaza 0 237
Product PhotographyProduct photography is usually used to promote products and their marketing. It is important to show appealing photos of your products to get potential customers to buy your products. A good camera body and lens are essential for p..
10 Sep Nikon Camera Prices in Pakistan
Shabir 0 401
Nikon Inc. is a multi-billion dollar corporation founded in Japan in 1917, that specializes in image products, optics, precision equipment, and instruments. Nikon's efforts to create products, technologies, and solutions that exceed the expectations ..
09 Jun How To Use a 50mm Lens
Salman 0 4061
Are you considering purchasing a lens and are unsure if a 50mm lens will suffice? When you selected yes to one of these questions, you arrived at the right place.We'll look at what makes the 50mm lens so popular, as well as how to use it to its full ..
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