Photography isn’t just about taking photos, it has much more value to offer that adds colors and character to one’s life. What I have acknowledged so far is that all photographers are fond of traveling. They love to take photos of people and objects featuring different cultures and colors. They all have the built-in devotion to capture the scenes/objects  that make them go aw-struck whether at home or somewhere along the equator.  As travel photography covers almost every single genre of photography, we can say it’s one of the best ways to hone in on your creativity and show the world what unshackled dynamism you’ve got. Here are few guideline for beginners that will assist you in taking aesthetic and exquisite photos along with the fun-filled and thrilling travel experience.

Keep A Notebook With You

First up we have the most crucial gear to improve your photography skills. This might feel unwonted that how on earth making notes or keeping a notebook can improve your travel photography experience. So, here is how it will do wonders. Keeping a notebook with you can help you make notes about all pre-shoot stuff that your have in your mind like the 
locations you want to visit. The viewpoints you have in your mind, the route you want to take, the ideas you have in your mind about shoot. On site it can help you record all the data that isn't in the visual format. You can have your field notes and even all the post-shoot stuff.

Always Have Your Camera Ready

This is just a little pro tip that one should stick to while traveling. You should always have your camera slinging to your shoulder. Carry it along with you where ever you go because this is what your camera is for.  Keep it out, ready and safe. A passionate photographer wouldn’t want to miss anything on his/ her trip that’s worth capturing.

Finding Great Locations

Most people consider going onto Google Maps to search these locations. But, in my opinion, you should use modern technology and tricks. For instance, you should browse on Instagram and can literally look up the locations. The best part of this is that you’ll get to see the high-ranking photos of those stunning locations along with the feedback. And hopefully, you can find locations that you can resonate with.

Talk to Locals Beforehand

Shooting with the locals can give you a pretty fun experience. So, if you happen to see the location that you love on Instagram, try talking to the locals through direct messages.  Hopefully, with their reply, you’ll have the chance to meet the locals and shoot with them to have one of a kind experience. These social media platforms come in handy when trying to reach the locals. You can also talk to them while being there. They can help you navigate better and you can even take the informed consent to capture the local beauty.

Invest in a Drone

Bringing a drone with you on your trip can give you a chance of capturing photos from a bird’s eye view. This is a very innovative way to shoot aesthetic and mind-blowing pictures. But, you must consider the country’s laws about the drone. For instance, you can’t bring a drone in certain public places. But no one wants to miss a chance of not having a stunning aerial view of the mythical location he is traveling to. So, drone is a must if it’s allowed.

Bring a Tripod

Bringing a nice light travel tripod is quite essential to get those nice and crisp photos. Not only you can shoot landscapes with it, but it can assist you in taking advanced selfies with the use of dedicated apps and connectivity. It is always a better option to bring a tripod with you but consider your feasibility as well. Sometimes, if you are travelling to outskirts or far fetch areas , carrying a lot of gears with you can be a hassle.

Understand Rule Of Thirds

One of the basic rules of photography is splitting your photo into thirds vertically and horizontally. The aim of this is for you to understand placing the main object or the people in your photo. For instance, instead of placing the main object in the center, place them along the left grid line while keeping the horizon straight. You can easily access this feature by turning on the “grid” feature on your camera.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the few most important tips to follow whenever backpacking. Keep in mind that this is not something universal but just some quality tips that will make your travel photography experience seems a cut above the rest you have had. 

Article by Fatima Athar