In this aeon where hyper-globalization and technology has changed the whole game, Pakistan is left no far behind. Talking particularly about photography, where everyone is holding a lens in their hands, it is quite difficult for an eye behind the view finder to differentiate itself among the whole crowd. However, there are some who never hesitate to climb any ladder to gather recognition. Here in Pakistan, we have some renowned photographers who know well how to tell a story in 1/60th of the split second. Pakistan’s diversity and deep-rooted art culture has given ways to such photographers to find such subjects which have an ability to brand themselves on the back of the brains. Their work speaks volumes for itself. 

In this article we’ll be going to discuss few of the young emerging talents of Pakistan in the field of photography. Here are few young and talented names along with their work that will make you go awestruck. 

Izzah Shaheen Malik- Pictroizzah 

Izzah who goes by the name of Pictroizzah is a 21 years old extremely talented wedding and fashion photographer based in Lahore who covers events all around the globe. She is one of the most talented and youngest photographers out there who really knows how to capture mythical and spell-binding photographs right at the perfect moments. Her Instagram timeline shows how beautifully she captures the special moments not only by photography but also by videography.  And the good thing about her talent is that she takes photography classes as well. Being at this young age, she is indeed a boss babe. Have a look at her mesmerizing work. 


Mobeen Ansari 

If you are someone who is admirer of art, you might’ve heard the name of this extremely talented photojournalist, sculptor and painter named Mobeen Ansari. He is a graduate from National College of Art, Rawalpindi and currently based in Islamabad. So far, he has published his own two photography book, one of which is called “Dharkan: the heartbeat of the nation and” other is “White in the flag.” These names clearly depict his enthusiasm and urge to say the unsaid through his art. 
His work has also been recognized by the different renowned magazines of Pakistan and by National Geographic as well. 


Usman Zubair

Usman Zubair is indeed another great photographer who knows how to use the artistic element from the surroundings in his photography to evoke emotions and sentiments. He is basically a travel photographer who knows how to capture the true essence of any culture. He is a mechanical engineer who has travelled all across the country on his bike with the camera hanging around his neck. You can witness his breathtaking work on his website and you can also place your orders to get the prints of his masterpieces. 
Here is a sneak peak of his spectacular work.


Here is another one from across the borders.


Feroza Gulzar

Next up we have is Feroza Gulzar whose Instagram account is indeed what Pakistani youth is living for these days. Her mesmerizingly captured photographs along with lyrics of Pakistani hit pop songs as captions is what makes her work so unique that her followers actually feel associated to her photographs and captions. 
Moreover, her couple is worthy of being called the nomad couple of Pakistan who travels around, take pictures that tell stories and let people cherish how it feels to be a nomad. Her work is a perfect display of what freedom and euphoria feels like. 


 So, this was all about new talented and emerging photographers of Pakistan. For more such content, stay tuned. 

Article by Fatima Athar