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27 Sep Why To Choose Canon Camera - Advantages Of Canon Cameras
Murtaza 0 4
No matter if you're new or an experienced photographer, Canon is a brand you are likely to recognize. Maybe you even own one of their models. The company is a veteran and has many models to choose from. Canon currently has an advantage because they h..
21 Sep Nikon Lenses Price In Pakistan
Shabir 0
Nikon Lenses Price In PakistanNikon Inc. is a multibillion-dollar Japanese firm that specializes in cameras, optics, precision equipment, and instruments. It was founded in 1917. Nikon's efforts to develop products, technologies, and solutions that e..
16 Sep Best Cameras For Product Photography
Murtaza 0 99
Product PhotographyProduct photography is usually used to promote products and their marketing. It is important to show appealing photos of your products to get potential customers to buy your products. A good camera body and lens are essential for p..
10 Sep Nikon Camera Prices in Pakistan
Shabir 0 314
Nikon Inc. is a multi-billion dollar corporation founded in Japan in 1917, that specializes in image products, optics, precision equipment, and instruments. Nikon's efforts to create products, technologies, and solutions that exceed the expectations ..
09 Jun How To Use a 50mm Lens
Salman 0 3799
Are you considering purchasing a lens and are unsure if a 50mm lens will suffice? When you selected yes to one of these questions, you arrived at the right place.We'll look at what makes the 50mm lens so popular, as well as how to use it to its full ..
09 Jun Mirrorless vs DSLR - Which Is Better?
Salman 0 104
Gone are the days when if somebody planned to purchase a pro camera they would always consider DSLR as the perfect fit. Things have changed in the last decade when mirrorless cameras hit the market with their inventive building and extensive features..
07 Jun How to Clean Camera Lens
Salman 0 150
Nothing is more aggravating than returning home from a photoshoot with great images only to discover blemishes on your picture. Those tiny dust spots may destroy a shot when magnified. When you expand a photo, even the tiniest of specks loom enormous..
07 Jun Canon 1300D Review
0 116
The Canon 1300D is an entry-level DSLR designed for first-time interchangeable lens camera users. It has an 18MP APS-C sensor and the T6 that offers Wi-Fi with NFC for photo sharing at your convenience. It has a fast processor compared to its previou..
07 Jun How To Buy Drone In Pakistan?
Salman 0 111
Drones are cool gears! Yes, we can’t deny that. But you can’t just go and buy a drone for yourself just as a luxury. In this era of photography and videography, it has become an inevitable tool for vloggers, bloggers, and photographers. When aerial s..
31 May Godox AD600BM Review
Salman 0 296
“Overpower the sun” is a phrase that is widely used by photographers when there is an occasion of outdoor shooting. Well, can any flash tubes or speedlights really outdo the sunlight?The answer is not really. But there are many other options in flash..
09 Oct Emerging Pakistani Photographers And Their Work That Will Make You Go Awestruck
0 2981
In this aeon where hyper-globalization and technology has changed the whole game, Pakistan is left no far behind. Talking particularly about photography, where everyone is holding a lens in their hands, it is quite difficult for an eye behind the vie..
25 Sep Why Product Photography Has Become So Popular?
Foto 0 464
Hobbies give us the space to communicate without limitations. They give opportunity to vent out repressed feelings and make something novel. On that note, photography permits differing approaches to take a look at things and catch them. However throu..
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