STREET PHOTOGRAPHY: How Pakistan is Becoming a Popular Destination for Street Photography.

Street photography is a genre of photography where the pictures that are being photographed shows the candid aura of life. It is all about capturing extemporary random moments and daily life in public situations with the help of lens. The best thing about street photography is that you don’t have to travel to a particular place in order to find a perfect subject, it’s all around you want to show the world. It is basically about shooting the real essence of life without making the subject look directly into camera lens. Letting the subject know before taking a shot is recommended but you can also inform them afterwards just to keep the essence of your photograph all-natural.

It is all about capturing the right moment at the right time. In street photography, you record emotions, expressions, rawness, and unfiltered life while carrying a camera around your neck and walking around different neighborhoods. This is all what it is. It's obvious to have an artistic eye that knows what needs to be captured. Street photography not just brings the best out of subject being photographed but also the essence of the personality of photographer also seeps into the picture through the way it is clicked.  It has this uniqueness which is not manifested in portraits and other genres of photography.

This was all about the basic notion of street photography. Next up in this article, we’ll be going to discuss how the trend of street photography is emerging in Pakistan. So, Let's dive into the work of few local Pakistani street photographers and see why Pakistan is becoming a hub of young local street photographers.

Growing Trend of Street Photography in Pakistan.


This millennium era is all about digital and visual innovation.  People have found their home into rudiments that they use to manifest their art of expression. For photographers it’s their camera that does the magic. Talking about street photography, Pakistan has become its somewhat ultimate destination and this has also been mentioned by a German photographer Michael Paulo.

Pakistan has a lot to offer to the eye who knows what art is. With its rich and diverse culture, it’s food, deep and narrow alleys, humongous and mighty mountain ranges, lush green valleys, preserved heritage sites, Pakistan not only attracts foreign attention but it has made local photographers a big fan of street photography as well. Also, social media specially Instagram has now become more of a platform to promote one’s art. It has become a socially interactive field where different culture from all over the world converse with each other. These cultural differences influence curiosity and hence communication which makes Instagram or other such virtual spaces a cultural stage. Where one gets to converse cultures with the help of pictures, music and art.

As, Pakistani photographers and artists are no more callow to follow the technological innovations and trends, so they take full advantage of Pakistani culture to show case their skills on social platforms. Also, this also promotes the cultural diversity and heritage that has remained intact throughout all these years. Pakistan has a lot of sites that have all the preserved culture and unfiltered emotions that our street photographers need.


One of the most frequently chosen places for street photography in Pakistan is The Walled City of Lahore. If you are from Pakistan then you must know that why it is so. It holds so much of heritage, culture and history in its narrow colorful allies. It has everything that a street photographer would love to capture. Moreover, there are some amazing other spots as well including Namak Mandi Peshawar, Old Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur city, different shrines, Kailash and other northern areas of Pakistan where street photographers have found their home. But again, it could be done anywhere. All you need to have is a camera, exemplary skills and and artistic eye to appreciate rawness.