One of the main goals of photography is creating sharp photos which can be achieved by eliminating motion blur. Therefore, having tripods for certain kinds of photography is necessary.

Tripods can be a bit heavy and uncomfortable to use, but they are an excellent accessory that can help you immensely with your photography. There are a large variety of tripods on the market today in a variety of dimensions and shapes, ranging from compact to full-size models. Tripods can be found to fit any budget and are made of a variety of materials ranging from aluminum to carbon fiber.

A high-quality tripod can improve the quality of your photos. However, it is a matter of personal preference whether or not. It's also dependent on the lighting conditions you are shooting in as well as what quality that you are looking for. 

There are some reasons Why is a Tripod Better Than Handheld? in Your Photography.

More Stability

One of the best advantages of having a tripod is that it offers stability for the camera. It also helps prevent the camera from shaking by the photographer particularly in circumstances where long exposure times are needed. If you're shooting anything from sunsets to starry night and fireworks, or even the moon, you'll require the stability that tripods offer, specifically to hold the camera in a fixed position.

A tripod is also useful in extreme weather conditions, like strong winds. When you place your camera on the tripod, you'll be able to take a steadier picture as the tripod will provide stability even in rough conditions.

Capability To Capture Images in Dim Light

Whatever you prefer in photography, tripods are an essential piece of equipment to photograph, especially when it is dark. In these conditions, it comes to a point when you are unable to hold your camera in your hands. A tripod can greatly help you.

Camera's Weight Taken Off Your Shoulders

Alongside the camera-related benefits, one of the benefits of using an appropriate tripod is that the camera's weight can be taken off your shoulders when put on one. Along with supporting your camera, tripods can be used as a stand to hold lighting or reflectors, if needed.

Capability To Take Long Exposures

A tripod lets you take a longer exposure making use of slower shutter speeds that can be as long as several minutes. This reduces the possibility of any movement. When you are taking a long-exposure photo, using tripods allows more light into the camera than is feasible if you took photos with your hands.

Also, this means you are equipped to capture motion in your photos that is not possible in the event that you hold the camera with your hands. Examples include motion in cloud formations or light trails.

Sharper Images

Tripods are an excellent piece of equipment to help create sharper photos. One of the most common mistakes seen in new photographers making during a shooting at low lighting is to shoot too many images at a time and result in blurry photos. A tripod can assist in getting more precise images.

The Ability To Frame And Alter Images Easily

When the camera is set to the tripod you'll be able to make subtle adjustments to the framing of your images effortlessly. If you do this, by shifting the camera anyway, whether up and down, to the left or right. There will be a limited amount of movement.

More Time To Make Shots

Shots give you more time when you use a tripod. Instead of snapping immediate handheld pictures, the procedure of installing a tripod and putting your camera on it will allow you to take more time while taking photos.

A tripod used in photography requires you to set aside time while setting up your photograph, and it also allows you to create your picture. The extra time you spend setting up your tripod could be a worthwhile investment since it helps you focus on taking your picture. This could, in turn, lead to better images.


The decision of whether or not a tripod is a right choice for you is contingent on the kind of photography you take and the needs of your photography. If you like taking photos of buildings and landscapes then a tripod is an essential accessory. If you feel that tripods are bulky for you to take with you, or do not necessarily require them to shoot in low light conditions A monopod is an excellent alternative that is less heavy and can be utilized as an alternative to a walking stick.