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Reflectors & Modifiers

Brand: Aputure Model: Chimera Lightbank with Eggcrate Grid
The Aputure Chimera Lightbank with Eggcrate Grid for LS1s and LS1c LED Panels is a light modifier that mounts onto the light's barndoors and softens the output of the bright LED. The included Full and 1/2 Gridless front diffusers can be used separately or together to provide three variations of soft..
Ex Tax:Rs.41,000.00
Brand: Aputure Model: Lantern
The 26" diameter Lantern Softbox from Aputure has the same omni-directional quality of light as the "China Balls" of yore but is built of durable materials and has accessories such as a skirt set to control the 270-degree beam spread. The Lantern has a Bowens mount that fits Aputure lights such as t..
Ex Tax:Rs.14,300.00
Brand: Aputure Model: Light Dome (35")
The 35" Light Dome for Light Storm LS Cob120t 120d, 300d, and 300t from Aputure is a unique, 16-sided, 24" deep light shaper that is intended for the LS Cob120, 300d, and 300t fixtures, but thanks to the included Bowens speedring, it is compatible with the many manufacturers making products that use..
Ex Tax:Rs.24,000.00
Brand: Aputure Model: Light Dome Mini II
The 21.5" Light Dome Mini II is compatible with the Aputure Light Storm 120 and 300 Series LED lights, and in fact, any LED light with a Bowens front accessory mount. The sturdily built modifier has 16 wear-resistant Hadfield steel rods that form a circular field of light that yields wide coverage a..
Ex Tax:Rs.21,000.00
Brand: Aputure Model: White Translucent Umbrella COB120t 33.3"
The White Translucent Umbrella for Light Storm COB120t LED Light from Aputure is a 33" light modifier that softens the output and minimizes shadows while wrapping around the subject for a flattering effect. The umbrella has white fiberglass spokes to mitigate their appearance in your image and an 8m..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,800.00
Brand: Godox Model: Barndoor Set for GODOX
TheBarndoor Kit from Godox is designed to fit on the front of a standard 7" reflector. Included in the kit is a four-leaf barndoor set for adjusting the shape of the light output; a honeycomb grid for producing a harder quality of light and a tighter beam; and yellow, green, blue, and red gel filter..
Ex Tax:Rs.5,000.00
Model: Broncolor Octabox 150 cm
Broncolor Octabox is an octagonal-shaped softbox with a diameter of 150 cm (59.1"). The Octabox diffuses and softens the light from a strobe unit. It also produces rounded catchlights excellent for portrait photography.Included with this softbox are 8 rods for constructing and attaching the box to a..
Ex Tax:Rs.22,000.00
Model: Falcon Eyes SGA-K9 Universal Speedlite Flash Gun Strobist Set
This Falcon Eyes Universal Flash Gun Strobist Set SGA-K9 is packed with accessories to experiment with light. You place the accessories on the flash unit with the included universal adapter. This set can be used with any camera flash with a maximum width of 85 mm and a height of 34 to 58 mm. There a..
Ex Tax:Rs.11,000.00
Brand: Godox Model: Godox 30x120 cm Bowens Mount Grid Strip softbox
This 30cm by 120cm (12"x 47") Strip box from Godox is designed to disperse the flash strobe, giving better even lighting. It is equipped with a silver reflective interior and a front flush face. It is also a necessary in any professional studio portrait. It is suitable for professional portrait stud..
Ex Tax:Rs.6,000.00
Brand: Godox Model: Godox 35X160CM Strip Light Softbox Bowens
Product HighlightsStrip Light Soft Box35 x 160 cmBowens MountAluminum Ring Adaptor..
Ex Tax:Rs.8,500.00
Brand: Godox Model: Godox 5 in 1 Collapsible 110cm 43"
This collapsible reflector board is zippered slipcover to reflect light into shadow areas of the subject. Reflectors with different surfaces will control contrast, add warmth and increase specular highlights.GOLD surface: for high contrast warm lightSILVER surface: for high contrast cold light incre..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,000.00
Brand: Godox Model: Godox 60X60 Umbrella Softbox For Flash
Package Included:1 x 60*60cm Umbrella Softbox1 x Carrying BagNote: flash and stand are not included...
Ex Tax:Rs.4,500.00
Brand: Godox Model: Godox 60X90 Umbrella Softbox For Flash
The opening size is 60 * 90cm ,inside with reflect silver and comes with front translucent cover,great for SpeedLightUltimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting.High quality flash cloth,minimize light loss and maximize light spread.With zipper opening, easy to install the..
Ex Tax:Rs.5,500.00
Brand: Godox Model: Godox Black and Silver Diffuser
Black and Silver Diffuser from Godox is for 41.3" Parabolic Umbrellas. One side of the diffuser features a black material to absorb light and reduce reflections when shooting through umbrellas. This creates more contrast and provides a dramatic look for portraits. The other side of the reflector has..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,000.00
Brand: Godox Model: Godox Light TL-04 Holder with SoftBox 60x60 (Bulb Holder)
This energy efficient three-color photographic bulb offers the best light source for your professional shoots of studio work. Add a tricolor light bulb to provide continuous light ideal for studio photography or videography. The supplied metal adapters quickly install square, rectangular or octagona..
Ex Tax:Rs.7,000.00
Brand: Godox Model: Godox P120L Parabolic Softbox with Bowens Mounting (47.2")
P120L Parabolic Softbox from Godox is a 16-sided light-shaper that offers focused, soft output with a punchy, crisp edge that lends dimension and detail to your subject as well as natural-looking catchlights in their eyes. The unique 29.2" depth of the modifier renders significant falloff at the fie..
Ex Tax:Rs.14,000.00
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