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Brand: Kingjoy Model: Kingjoy KT-60 Mini Tripod
Ex Tax:Rs.4,500.00
Brand: Kingjoy Model: Kingjoy MP208 Professional Twist Monopod
Ex Tax:Rs.3,500.00
Brand: Kingjoy Model: Kingjoy MP308F Professional Flip Monopod
Ex Tax:Rs.3,500.00
Brand: Kingjoy Model: Kingjoy MP308F Professional Flip Monopod
The quick locking system of bearing plate strengthens the contact area with the camera, thus increases the bearing capacity and makes the operation more stable. Feett frame locking button adjustable lock force system: according to their own needs appropriate adjustment of the locking force, so that ..
Ex Tax:Rs.5,000.00
Brand: Kingjoy Model: Kingjoy MP408FL Monopod
SpecificationsHigh strength aluminum quality;Lightweight,stable,strong power for easy to carry;Fasion surface; Innovation mini supported stand monopod set  MP-408FLThis is Kingjue newest designed supported professional monopod.It perfectly combines traditional monopod and mini Tripod suppo..
Ex Tax:Rs.8,500.00
Brand: Kingjoy Model: PPL-06S PRO Electric Moving Dolly
Multiple Running Angles: Bring Infinite Possibility of Shooting Angle. High Strength Aluminum CNC Machining: Sliver anodized oxidation surface trearment, high quality material. Compatible with Various Photographic Equipments: Compatible with smartphones,mirrorless digital cameras and other kinds of ..
Ex Tax:Rs.9,900.00
Brand: Kingjoy Model: KINGJOY VM-120 1200mm
The DSLR Slider Kingjoye 120cm glidetrack slider is a video stabilising system designed for DSLR film making in mind. It allows you to produce smooth, gliding footage of every scene you record. It reduces shakes and stabilises your video footage. It can be used with all types of cameras and camcorde..
Ex Tax:Rs.19,500.00
Brand: Kingjoy Model: Kingjoy VM-301C Mini
VM-301A Mini Jib Crane is made of high-strength aluminum alloy adopt CNC machining, with a light weight, high strength characteristics. Break through the limitations of ordinary shooting space, gently turn the jib crane arm, you can grasp the full range of the scene to the wonderful moments. You can..
Ex Tax:Rs.37,000.00
Brand: Kingjoy Model: Kingjoy VT-2500 Tripod for DSLR Camera
Quick Release Security ButtonThe special quick release plate security button, prevent equipment from accidentalfalling off.360° Panoramic ShootingFluid damping head system, provides 360° stable panoramic shooting.Multi-angle Fluid Damping Adjustment DesignThe head adopts the fluid damping adjustment..
Ex Tax:Rs.12,000.00
Brand: Kingjoy Model: Kingjoy VT-3500 Camera Camcorder Tripod
Ex Tax:Rs.30,000.00
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