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2 Piece RGB LED Light Kit with Softbox

Key Features

• RGB Colour Customization
• Softbox for Even Lighting
• Wireless Remote
• Dimmable
• Adjustable Colour Temperature
• Energy-Efficient LEDs
• Portable Design
• Versatile Mounting
• Ideal for Content Creation
• User-Friendly Controls


Advanced Lighting Technology

RGB LED Light kit softbox features advanced LED technology, ensuring vibrant, consistent colors and reliable brightness across various shooting conditions. It offers adjustable color temperatures from warm indoor tones to cool daylight settings, providing versatility for different environments. The smooth dimming function allows precise control over light intensity, essential for achieving professional-quality results in photography and videography.

Vibrant RGB Capabilities

This kit goes beyond traditional white light with a full RGB spectrum, enabling users to create a wide range of colors. Easy-to-use controls allow for precise color selection, whether for soft pastels or bold primary hues. Built-in lighting effects such as strobe, pulse, and flashes enhance creativity for artistic projects and themed lighting setups, making it ideal for both professional and creative applications.

Durable Build and Essential Accessories

Sturdy light stands provide stability and flexibility for positioning the softboxes, complemented by reliable AC adapters that ensure consistent performance during extended shoots. Its compact design facilitates easy transport and setup in various shooting locations, catering to both studio and on-location use. The robust construction of the softboxes and stands ensures durability, capable of withstanding frequent use in diverse shooting conditions.

Versatile Applications

Designed to meet a variety of photography and videography needs, this kit excels in professional settings. It delivers soft, flattering light for portraits and precise lighting control for product photography. In videography, adjustable color temperatures and dynamic RGB effects enhance cinematic lighting capabilities, enabling versatile and creative expression in visual media.

User-Friendly Features

Setting up and operating the kit is straightforward, featuring intuitive controls and an accessible interface. Whether working in a studio or on location, users can adjust lighting effects and color temperatures effortlessly to achieve desired visual results. Its versatility, and ease of use make it indispensable for photographers, videographers, creative professionals seeking s.

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