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3-Piece Bulb Holder Kit With Sofbox (China)

Key Features:

  • Ensures consistent and flicker-free illumination for both photo and video projects.
  • Softens and diffuses light, minimizing harsh shadows for a natural and flattering look.
  • Durable stands provide stability and flexibility for precise positioning of lights.
  • Expands creative possibilities with overhead lighting angles for diverse shooting scenarios.
  • Easily transport and store the kit for on-the-go photography and videography.
  • Tailored for product photography, offering optimal lighting conditions to capture details and textures effectively.


3 Bulb Holder Softbox 50cm*70cm:

Soften and diffuse light for flattering and even results. The included softbox enhances the quality of your lighting, reducing harsh shadows and creating a natural look.

3Sturdy Light Stands:

Durable light stands provide stability and flexibility in positioning your lights, ensuring reliable support during your creative sessions.

Boom Stand for Versatility:

The boom stand expands your lighting possibilities by allowing overhead lighting angles, providing a versatile setup for various shooting scenarios.

Convenient Carry Case:

Safely transport and store your lighting kit with the included carry case, making it easy to take your professional lighting setup on location.

Ideal for Product Shooting:

Tailored for product photography, this kit offers optimal lighting conditions for capturing the details and textures of your subjects.

In The Box: 3 Bulb Holder Softbox/3 Stands/1 BoomArm/CarryCase/

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