3 Piece Bulb Holder Kit With Softbox

Key Features:

  • Ensures consistent and flicker-free illumination for both photo and video projects.
  • Softens and diffuses light, minimizing harsh shadows for a natural and flattering look.
  • Durable stands provide stability and flexibility for the precise positioning of lights.
  • Expands creative possibilities with overhead lighting angles for diverse shooting scenarios.
  • Easily transport and store the kit for on-the-go photography and videography.
  • Tailored for product photography, offering optimal lighting conditions to capture details and textures effectively.


3 Piece Bulb Holder Softbox 50cm*70cm:

Soften and diffuse light for flattering and even results. The included softbox enhances the quality of your lighting, reducing harsh shadows and creating a natural look.

3 Piece Bulb Sturdy Light Stands:

Durable light stands provide stability and flexibility in positioning your lights, ensuring reliable support during your creative sessions.

Boom Stand for Versatility:

The boom stand expands your lighting possibilities by allowing overhead lighting angles, providing a versatile setup for various shooting scenarios. Easily adjust the height and angle of your lights for optimal illumination, whether shooting portraits, products, or other subjects. Achieve professional results with ease using this versatile boom stand.

Convenient Carry Case:

Safely transport and store your lighting kit with the included carry case, making it easy to take your professional lighting setup on location. Whether you’re shooting on location or in the studio, this carry case ensures that your kit remains organized and protected, ready for your next photography session.

Ideal for Product Shooting:

Tailored for product photography, this kit offers optimal lighting conditions for capturing the details and textures of your subjects. With adjustable bulb holders and softboxes, this kit allows you to control and manipulate light, highlighting product details and enhancing the visual appeal of professional-looking product photographs.

In The Box: 3 Bulb Holder Softboxes, 3 Stands, 1 BoomArm, 1 Carry Case

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