30m XLR Male to Female Microphone Audio Cable


  • 30m cable
  • Nickel-plated connectors



Explore the essential accessory, the 30m XLR Male to Female Microphone Audio Cable, ensuring reliable audio connectivity.

Long-Distance Connectivity:

Facilitate audio transmission over long distances with the 30m XLR Male to Female Microphone Audio Cable.

Versatile Compatibility:

Compatible with various audio devices, the cable is suitable for professional audio setups, studios, stages, and live events.

Durable Construction:

Constructed with high-quality materials, the cable offers durability and longevity, even in demanding audio environments.

Secure Connection:

Ensure a secure connection between microphones, mixers, amplifiers, and other audio equipment with the cable’s reliable connectors.

Flexible and lightweight:

Enjoy flexibility and ease of use with the lightweight and flexible design of the XLR audio cable.

Low Noise Transmission:

Experience low noise transmission and interference-free audio signals, ensuring high-quality sound reproduction in any setting.

Easy Installation:

Install the XLR cable quickly and effortlessly, allowing for hassle-free setup and connectivity in various audio setups.

Professional Performance:

Achieve professional-grade audio performance with the dependable connectivity provided by the XLR microphone cable.

Wide Application of 30m XLR Male to Female Microphone Audio Cable

Suitable for a wide range of applications, including recording studios, live performances, conferences, and broadcasting.

Sturdy Connectors:

Benefit from the sturdy XLR connectors, designed to withstand frequent plugging and unplugging without signal degradation.

High-Quality Sound:

Ensure pristine sound quality with the high-grade copper conductors and shielding of the XLR microphone cable.

Interference Rejection:

Minimize electromagnetic interference and ensure clean audio signals with the cable’s effective shielding.

Long-Lasting Reliability:

Rely on the cable’s durable construction for long-lasting reliability, even with frequent use in professional audio environments.

Convenient Length:

The 30-meter length of the XLR cable offers ample reach for various audio setups, providing flexibility and convenience.

Essential Accessory:

Make the XLR Male to Female Microphone Audio Cable an essential part of your audio toolkit for seamless connectivity.

Efficient Signal Transmission:

Ensure efficient signal transmission over long distances with the XLR cable, delivering clear and reliable audio performance.

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