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Apkina CL 60Bi Outdoor Led Video Light

key Feature:
  • Bi-color temperature adjustment
  • High brightness output
  • Weatherproof design
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Remote control functionality
  • Battery or AC power options
  • High Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • Various mounting options

19,500 24,000


Apkina CL 60Bi Video Light Bi-Color Temperature:

Illuminate your scenes with precision using the Apkina CL 60Bi Video Light, offering versatile bi-color temperature adjustment. Tailor your lighting to suit any environment with the ability to seamlessly switch between warm and cool tones. Whether capturing vibrant outdoor shots or intimate indoor scenes, this light provides customizable illumination for every scenario. Its intuitive controls ensure effortless adjustments, allowing filmmakers to focus on capturing the perfect shot. With its compact and portable design, the CL 60Bi is ideal for on-the-go shooting, providing professional-grade lighting wherever your creativity takes you. Elevate your videography with the Apkina CL 60Bi Video Light, where versatility meets exceptional performance.

Apkina CL 60Bi Video Light High Brightness Output:

With its high brightness output, the CL-60Bi ensures that your subjects are well-lit and vibrant. It illuminates your scenes with clarity, making it an ideal choice for video production, photography, and various creative projects.

Dimmable Intensity:

Tailor the intensity of your lighting with the dimmable feature. Adjust the brightness to suit different shooting scenarios, from soft and subtle lighting for portraits to powerful illumination for detailed shots.

Sturdy and Portable Design:

The CL-60Bi is designed with both durability and portability in mind. Its sturdy construction ensures reliability, while the portable design allows for easy transportation and setup, making it suitable for on-the-go shooting.

  • Apkina CL 60Bi Video Light Built-in LCD Display:

The built-in LCD provides convenient access to control settings, allowing you to make adjustments with precision. Monitor and customize color temperature, brightness, and other parameters for optimal results.

  • Silent cooling fan:

The inclusion of a silent cooling fan ensures that the CL-60Bi maintains an optimal operating temperature during extended use. Enjoy continuous shooting without the distraction of fan noise interfering with your audio recording.

  • Multiple Power Options:

The LED video light offers versatile power options, including AC power and DC power with batteries (sold separately). This flexibility enables you to use the light in various settings, whether you’re in a studio or shooting outdoors.

  • Wide Beam Angle:

The wide beam angle ensures even and uniform lighting across your scenes. Avoid harsh shadows and achieve a natural and well-lit look in your videos and photos.



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