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Aputure Softbox for P300c LED Panel

Key Features
  • Measures 12 x 15″
  • Removable Front Diffuser
  • Fast Easy Mounting, 40° Grid
  • Carry Case


Aputure Softbox P300c;

The Aputure Softbox P300c is Designed to soften and diffuse the light emitted by the Aputure P300c LED panel, creating a more flattering and gentle light source for your photography or videography.

Even Light Distribution:

It helps to distribute light evenly across your subject, reducing harsh shadows and creating a more natural-looking illumination.

Size and Design:

“The softbox is specifically tailored to fit the dimensions of the Aputure P300c LED panel, ensuring a snug and secure fit. Moreover, it is Designed to be lightweight and portable, facilitating effortless setup and transportation on location.”

Attachment Method:

The softbox likely attaches securely to the front of the P300c LED panel using a mounting mechanism or clips, ensuring that Are stays in place during use.

Internal Reflective Material:

Many softboxes feature internal reflective material designed to maximize the efficiency of the light output, ensuring that more of the light is directed toward your subject.

Removable Front Diffusion Panel:

Some softboxes come with a removable front diffusion panel, allowing you to control the softness of the light output. With the diffusion panel attached, that light is softer, while removing it creates a more direct and focused light source.

Grid Attachment (Optional):

Some softboxes offer the option to attach a grid that further controls the direction and spread of the light. The grid helps to limit light spill and provides more precise control over the lighting setup.


“The softbox is specifically designed and used with the Aputure P300c LED panel, ensuring optimal performance and fit. However, it may not be compatible with other LED panels or lights from different manufacturers, so be sure to verify compatibility before making your purchase

Carrying Bag (Optional):

Depending on the model, that softbox may come with a carrying bag for convenient storage and transportation.

Item Type
12 x 15″ Softbox (Rectangular Shape)
Light Compatibility
Includes Frame: For Aputure P300C LED Lights
Accepts Grids
Yes (Included)
Light Compatibility
Includes Frame: For Aputure P300C LED Lights
Quick Open Type
Accepts Grids
Yes (Included)
Removable Front Face
Interior Baffle
Light Loss/Gain
12 x 15″ / 30.5 x 38.1 cm
Packaging Info
Package Weight
3.8 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
20 x 14.9 x 2.7″



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