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ARRI Ultra Prime 100mm T1.9 Lens (PL, Feet)


  • Covers Super-35 Format
  • PL Mount
  • T1.9 to T22 Aperture Range
  • Geared Focus and Aperture Control Rings
  • Clickless Iris Ring
  • Marked In Feet
  • Image Quality Retained Across Frame
  • 3’3″ Minimum Close Focus
  • Optically Matches Master Primes
  • Common 95mm Lens Front in Most of Series


ARRI Ultra Prime 100mm T1.9 is a PL-mounted prime lens that covers the Super-35 format. The 100mm is a longer entry in the comprehensive array of Ultra Prime focal lengths from 8mm to 180mm. The Ultra Primes provide a compact, lightweight, optically-matched complement to the higher-speed ARRI Master Prime series. Compatible with both HD and film cameras, the Ultra Primes are color matched to each other and to the rest of the ARRI lens spectrum.

The Ultra Primes provide the optimal image quality, vivid colors, and skin tones for which ARRI/Zeiss are known. Each lens in the series features a T* XP lens coating for reduced glare and minimized reflections. The Ultra Prime 100mm has a minimum close focus of 3’3″. The lenses’ fast, maximum aperture of T1.9 enables shallow depth-of-field shots. Minimal focus breathing does not draw attention to focus pulls, preserving the viewer’s cinematic experience.

The Ultra Prime 100mm lens barrel is marked in feet and has focus markings on both sides of the barrel, enabling the focus puller to easily work the side of the lens best suited for each setup. Its industry-standard 0.8 Mod focus and iris gears interface with manual follow focus units and with wireless lens control motors. All 15 lenses in the Ultra Prime series share common focus and iris gear positions, making for fast lens swaps with no need to reposition lens accessories. Likewise, the 100mm prime shares the 95mm front barrel diameter common to all but the extreme ends of the series of focal lengths, saving time otherwise spent swapping out matte box adapter rings.

Key Features

  • Covers Super-35mm format, maintains high contrast and resolution even at close focus
  • Optically-matched prime lens complements the high-speed Master Prime series; Ultra Primes are color-matched to each other and the rest of the ARRI lens spectrum
  • T* XP multi-layer anti-reflex coating reduces flares and internal reflections
  • Lightweight, rugged, compact design with a maximum aperture of T1.9
  • Minimal chromatic aberration and breathing
Angle of View
ANSI Super 35, I = 12.45 mm: 13.9° • DIN Super 35, I = 12.00 mm: 13.7° • Standard 35, I = 11.00 mm: 12.6° • * I is the radius of the image circle needed for the respective format. It is the same as the distance from the image center to a corner.
Aperture Range T1.9 to T22
Focal Length 100mm

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