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Blackmagic Mini Converter SDI to Audio 4K

Key Features
  • De-Embeds Audio from SDI Signal
  • Single-Link 6G-SDI Input
  • Supports SD, HD, UHD 4K & DCI 4K Signals
  • Automatic Input Signal Detection
  • Redundant SDI Input
  • 4x 1/4″ Audio Output Jacks
  • 4 Analog or 8 AES/EBU Audio Channels
  • 24-Bit, 48 kHz Audio
  • Control via DIP Switches or Software
  • 12V Universal Power Supply Included



Audio extraction from SDI sources becomes seamless with this converter. It enhances audio quality for professional audiovisual applications with the help of Blackmagic Mini Converter SDI to Audio 4K.

Superior Audio Extraction
This converter excels at extracting high-quality audio from SDI sources. Users benefit from clear, pristine audio outputs.

Compact Design
Its compact design allows for easy integration into various setups. It doesn’t take up much space, making it highly portable.

Multi-Format Support
Supporting multiple audio formats, this converter ensures compatibility with a wide range of audio systems and devices.

Professional Quality
Engineered for professional use, the converter delivers reliable performance. It ensures audio clarity in every production.

Easy Integration
Integrating the converter into existing setups is straightforward. Users can quickly set it up without any hassle.

Reliable Performance
Built to last, this converter offers dependable performance. It withstands rigorous use in professional environments.

User-Friendly Interface
The user-friendly interface allows for easy operation. Professionals can adjust settings without complex procedures.


High Compatibility of Blackmagic Mini Converter SDI to Audio 4K

Compatibility with various devices makes this converter versatile. It works seamlessly with different audiovisual equipment.

Enhanced Audio Clarity
By providing clear and precise audio extraction, the converter significantly enhances the overall audio quality of your projects.

Robust Construction
The sturdy construction ensures durability. It can handle the demands of continuous professional use without issues.

Plug and Play
With its plug-and-play functionality, setting up this converter is quick and easy. No technical expertise is required.

Versatile Application
Suitable for various applications, this converter is ideal for broadcast, production, and post-production environments.

Cost-Effective Solution
Investing in this converter offers a cost-effective solution. It improves audio quality without the need for expensive upgrades.

Efficient Workflow
By enhancing audio extraction efficiency, the converter contributes to a smoother workflow. It helps professionals achieve better results faster.

SDI Video Input
1 x SD/HD/3G/6G-SDI
1 x SD/HD/3G/6G-SDI-SDI redundant input
SDI Video Output
1 x SD/HD/3G/6G-SDI
Audio Output
4 x 1/4″ jacks
4 channels of balanced analog audio, or 8 channels of AES/EBU balanced digital audio
Multi-Rate Support
Auto detection of SD, HD, 2K, UHD, and 4K signals
Format Support
NTSC 525/29.97 and 525/23.98
PAL 625/25HD:
720p 59.94/60
1080i 50/59.94/60
1080PsF 23.98/24/25/29.97/30
1080p 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/602K:
2048x1080PsF 23.98/24/25
2048/1080p 23.98/24/25

3840x2160p 23.98/24/25/29.97/30
4096x2160p 23.98/24/25/29.97/30

SDI Compliance
SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 296M, SMPTE 372M, SMPTE 425M, SMPTE ST-2036, ITU-R BT.656, and ITU-R BT.601
SDI Video Rates
Switchable between SD, HD, 3G, and 6G-SDI
SDI Auto Switching
Automatically detects SD, HD, 3G, or 6G-SDI
SDI Video Sampling
4:2:2, 4:4:4
SDI Audio Sampling
24-bit, 48 kHz
SDI Color Precision
4:2:2, 4:4:4
SDI Color Space
Settings Control
DIP switches or USB software for Mac OS X and Windows
Firmware Upgradeable
Via USB 2.0
Power Supply
12 VDC
Power Consumption
8.4 W
Operational Voltage Range
12 to 31 VDC
Operating Temperature
32 to 104° F (0 to 40 ° C)
Storage Temperature
-4 to 113° F (-20 to 45 ° C)
Relative Humidity
0 to 90% non-condensing
4.52 x 3.63 x 0.90″ (11.48 x 9.22 x 2.29 cm)
7.61 oz (215.74 g)
Packaging Info
Package Weight
1.195 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
5.8 x 5.65 x 2.6″



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