BLAZAR LENS Anamorphic 3-Lens Kit with Case

Key Features

  • 45, 65, and 100mm Lens Kit with Case
  • Retro Look, Covers 3:2 Full Frame Sensor
  • Aperture Range: T2.0 to T22
  • 1.5x Full-Frame Anamorphic Squeeze
  • Anamorphic Blue Flares
  • 16-Blade Iris with Soft, Oval Bokeh
  • 80mm Front Diameter, 77mm Filter Thread
  • Focus Scales in Feet


blazar lens

Cinematic Visuals

Experience cinematic excellence with the BLAZAR LENS Anamorphic 3-Lens Kit, delivering stunning visuals for your creative projects with the anamorphic 3-Lens Kit with Case.

Professional-Grade Performance
Achieve professional-grade performance with the kit, ensuring exceptional image quality and clarity.

Versatile Lens Options
Explore the versatile lens options included in the LENS Anamorphic 3-Lens Kit, catering to a wide range of creative needs.

Premium Build Quality
Enjoy premium build quality with the BLAZAR LENS Anamorphic, crafted to withstand rigorous usage in various shooting environments.

Compact and Portable Design
Its compact and portable design makes the Anamorphic 3-Lens Kit convenient for on-the-go filmmaking without compromising on quality.

Easy Lens Switching
Effortlessly switch between lenses included in the Lens Kit, allowing for seamless adaptation to different shooting scenarios.

Enhanced Depth of Field
Experience enhanced depth of field with the kit, adding dimension and richness to your footage.

Creative Flexibility
Achieve creative flexibility with the Blazar LENS, empowering you to capture unique perspectives and visuals.

Professional Lens Kit
Elevate your filmmaking with the Lens, designed for professional cinematographers and content creators.

Comprehensive Lens Protection
Benefit from the comprehensive lens protection included in the kit, safeguarding your investment during transportation and storage.


Wide Compatibility of BLAZAR LENS Anamorphic 3-Lens Kit with Case

Enjoy wide compatibility with various camera systems using the kit, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Enhanced Image Rendering
Experience enhanced image rendering with the Lens Kit, capturing intricate details and textures with precision.

Creative Control
Take control of your visuals with the BLAZAR LENS Anamorphic 3-Lens Kit, allowing for precise adjustments and artistic expression.

Superior Optical Performance
Achieve superior optical performance with the BLAZAR LENS Kit, producing sharp, distortion-free images with exceptional clarity.

Professional Carry Case
Store and transport your lenses safely with the professional carry case included in the BLAZAR LENS.



blazar lens

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