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BMPCC 4K Camera Audio Cable TA3M to XLR 3 Pin Blackmagic Design

Key Features:

  • BMPCC 4K Audio Cable
  • TA3M to XLR 3-Pin Cable
  • Professional Audio Transmission
  • Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
  • 80cm Microphone Cable
  • Secure and Reliable Connection


BMPCC 3 Pin Tailored for BMPCC 4K:

Optimize your filming experience with the BMPCC 3-Pin Cable, specifically designed for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPCC 4K). This tailored cable ensures a perfect fit and seamless connectivity, allowing you to capture high-quality audio without any hassle. Whether you’re recording interviews, vlogs, or cinematic footage, trust in this cable to deliver reliable performance every time. Elevate your filmmaking setup and unlock the full potential of your BMPCC 4K with this essential accessory. Purchase now to enhance your filming capabilities and achieve professional-grade audio recordings with ease.

BMPCC 3 Pin Optimal Length:

Ensure convenient and flexible connectivity with the BMPCC 3-Pin Cable, featuring an optimal length for versatile usage. This perfectly sized cable offers just the right amount of reach, allowing you to connect your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC) without any excess clutter. Whether you’re shooting in tight spaces or need to keep your setup neat and organized, this cable provides the ideal length for hassle-free operation. Elevate your filmmaking experience with this essential accessory tailored to meet your needs. Purchase now and enjoy the convenience of optimal cable length for seamless connectivity with your BMPCC.

  • BMPCC 3 Pin TA3M to XLR Connectivity:

  • Experience seamless audio connectivity with the TA3M to XLR Cable. This versatile cable allows you to connect devices with TA3M connectors to XLR inputs, ensuring compatibility across a wide range of audio equipment. Whether you’re recording music, capturing audio for video production, or conducting interviews, this cable provides reliable signal transmission for pristine audio quality. Elevate your audio setup and achieve professional-grade recordings with ease.
  • Premium Audio Transmission:
  • Crafted with high-quality materials and shielding, the cable minimizes interference and signal degradation, ensuring pristine audio quality in your recordings.
  • Secure Connection:
  • The connectors are designed for a secure fit, preventing accidental disconnections during critical recording sessions.
  • Professional Look:
  • The sleek design and black color contribute to a professional appearance, complementing the aesthetics of your BMPCC 4K setup.

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