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Desview TP150 Portable Teleprompter

Key Features
  • 70/30 Beamsplitter Glass
  • Fits Devices 7.9 to 15″
  • Film with Webcam, DSLR, or Camcorder
  • 3.1 to 4.9″ Camera Height Adjustment
  • Tripod-Mountable Platform
  • Lens Hood with Drawstring
  • Prompting App, Remote Control


Introduction to TP150

The TP150 Portable Teleprompter is designed to improve on-camera presentations. It provides a seamless reading experience for various content creators with the help of Desview TP150 Portable Teleprompter

Superior Visibility
This teleprompter ensures superior visibility of your script. The reflective glass displays text clearly, reducing eye strain during long sessions.

Quick Setup
Setting up the TP150 is quick and easy. It includes all the necessary components, allowing users to get started promptly and efficiently.

Wide Compatibility
The TP150 supports a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets. This feature accommodates diverse user needs and preferences.

Adjustable Viewing Angles
Users can easily adjust the teleprompter’s viewing angles. This ensures comfortable reading and optimal alignment with the camera lens.

With its compact, lightweight design, the TP150 is highly portable. You can take it anywhere and set up in minutes.


Durable Construction of Desview TP150 Portable Teleprompter

Built with high-quality materials, this teleprompter is durable and reliable. It withstands regular use and offers long-term performance.

High-Quality Reflective Glass
The TP150 features high-quality reflective glass. It provides excellent text clarity without impacting the camera’s image quality.

Versatile Applications
Ideal for vloggers, educators, and presenters, the TP150 adapts to various content creation needs, making it a versatile tool.

Convenient Remote Control
The included remote control allows users to adjust script speed and direction effortlessly. This enhances the overall user experience.

Supports Multiple Screen Sizes
The TP150 accommodates different screen sizes, ensuring compatibility with a variety of devices, from smartphones to tablets.

User-Friendly Interface
The teleprompter’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Even beginners can navigate the settings and functions with ease.

Real-Time Script Adjustments
Users can make real-time script adjustments with the TP150. This feature ensures smooth presentations, even with last-minute changes.

App Integration
The TP150 supports various teleprompter apps. These integrations enhance functionality and ease of use for diverse projects.

Professional Presentation Aid
The TP150 helps deliver professional presentations. It allows speakers to maintain eye contact with the audience, boosting confidence and effectiveness.

The TP150 Portable Teleprompter stands out for its functionality and ease of use. It’s an essential tool for enhancing on-camera presentations.

Beamsplitter Ratio
Beamsplitter Size
11.4 x 10.6″ / 290 x 270 mm
Beamsplitter Shape
Beamsplitter Material
Anti-Reflective Coating
Supported Devices
Min Diagonal Screen Size: 7.9″ / 20.1 cm
Max Diagonal Screen Size: 15″ / 38.1 cm
Max Dimensions: 11.6″ / 295 mm
OS Compatibility
Material of Construction
Height Adjustment
3.1 to 4.9″ / 80 to 125 mm
11.8 x 11.4 x 14.2″ / 300.0 x 290.0 x 360.0 mm
4.28 lb / 1.94 kg
Packaging Info
Package Weight
9.76 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
16.9 x 14.9 x 8″



Key Features: High-Resolution Monitors Teleprompter Solutions Durable Build Portable Design User-Friendly Interface Versatile Compatibility Adjustable Settings Reliable Performance Customer Support Affordability Wide Product Range High-Quality Display Easy Setup Innovative Features Professional-Grade Warranty Community Engagement
Introduction: Desview offers advanced teleprompters and monitors designed to improve production quality and efficiency for broadcasters and filmmakers. High-Resolution Monitors: Desview monitors provide high-resolution displays, ensuring clear and detailed visuals for accurate monitoring during filming and broadcasting. Teleprompter Solutions: Desview teleprompters offer easy-to-read displays, enabling smooth and confident presentations for broadcasters and public speakers. Durable Build: Desview products are constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliable performance in various professional settings. Portable Design: Desview monitors and teleprompters feature portable designs, making them easy to transport and set up on location. User-Friendly Interface: Desview products are designed with user-friendly interfaces, allowing for intuitive operation and quick adjustments during use. Versatile Compatibility: Desview accessories are compatible with a wide range of cameras and equipment, providing flexible solutions for different setups. Adjustable Settings: Desview monitors offer adjustable settings for brightness, contrast, and color, allowing for precise control over display quality. Reliable Performance: Desview products deliver consistent performance, ensuring stable and reliable operation throughout your production. Customer Support: Desview provides excellent customer support, assisting users with product selection, setup, and troubleshooting. Affordability: Desview offers high-quality solutions at competitive prices, making professional-grade equipment accessible to various budget levels. Wide Product Range: Desview offers a wide range of products, including teleprompters, monitors, and accessories, catering to diverse production needs. High-Quality Display: Desview monitors feature high-quality displays, ensuring accurate color reproduction and sharp image quality for professional monitoring. Easy Setup: Desview teleprompters and monitors are designed for easy setup, allowing for quick and efficient installation in any environment. Innovative Features: Desview incorporates innovative features into their products, such as touch screens and wireless control, enhancing the user experience. Professional-Grade: Desview products are trusted by professionals in the broadcasting and filmmaking industries for their reliability and performance. Warranty: Desview provides a comprehensive warranty for their products, ensuring protection against manufacturing defects and peace of mind. Community Engagement: Desview actively engages with its user community through tutorials, workshops, and social media, fostering learning and collaboration.

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