DJI Battery for Phantom 4 Pro (5870 mAH)

Key Features:

  • Up to 30 Minutes of Flight Time
  • Intelligent Communication
  • Calculates Remaining Flight Time
  • Advanced Minimum Capacity Warning

Real-time Monitoring:

The battery communicates with the drone’s app, displaying the current capacity and providing accurate estimations of remaining flight times based on factors such as distance traveled and other relevant parameters. This feature enables pilots to plan their flights effectively and manage battery usage throughout the flight session.

Safety Alerts:

During flight, the battery actively monitors its capacity and sends alerts to the pilot when the remaining capacity reaches a critical level. This feature helps pilots make informed decisions and plan a safe return to the takeoff point, ensuring that the drone doesn’t run out of power during the flight.

Battery Management System:

The internal battery management system prevents common issues such as overcharging and over-draining, safeguarding the battery against potential damage and ensuring its longevity. This system helps maintain the overall health and performance of the battery, contributing to a reliable and long-lasting power source for the drone.

Long-term Storage Maintenance:

When the battery is placed in long-term storage, it undergoes a self-discharge process to maintain a safe and optimal charge level. This feature helps preserve the overall health of the battery cells, preventing potential degradation and ensuring that the battery remains in good condition even during extended periods of inactivity.



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