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E Image FT 9116 Jib

Key Features:

  • Supports Heavy Cameras: Designed to accommodate film or video cameras weighing up to 33 lb (15 kg), providing stability for diverse shooting scenarios.
  • Adjustable Head Attachment: The versatile head attachment can be adapted between 75 mm and 100 mm, allowing for seamless compatibility with different camera setups.
  • Quick Setup: Offers quick and easy setup, enhancing workflow efficiency without compromising on performance.
  • Portability: Lightweight and portable design ensures easy transportation and setup at various shooting locations.
  • Wide Application: Suitable for film, television, advertising, MTV studio production, and a variety of sports activities production, providing versatility for creative endeavors.


The E Image FT -9115/9116 Jib Arm kit offers comprehensive functionality and is designed to support film or video cameras weighing up to 33 lb (15 kg). With its versatile head attachment adaptable between 75 mm and 100 mm, this jib arm provides flexibility to accommodate various camera setups.

E Image  Key Features:

  • E Image FT Versatile Compatibility:

This jib arm is compatible with a wide range of film or video cameras, making it suitable for diverse production needs. Whether you’re shooting on location or in the studio,

  • Adjustable Head Attachment:

Compatible with a wide range of camera rigs, it’s the perfect tool for capturing stunning visuals for your projects. Elevate your videography game with the E-Image FT Adjustable Head Attachment. ensures stable and professional-looking footage.

  • Quick Setup:

With its quick and easy setup process, the Fancier jib arm enables efficient workflow without compromising on performance. so you can start capturing breathtaking footage in no time. Say goodbye to prolonged preparation and hello to seamless shooting with the E-Image  Quick Setup.

  • Portability:

The lightweight and portable design makes it convenient to transport and set up the jib arm at different shooting locations,

  • Wide Range of Applications:

Ideal for film, television, advertising, MTV studio production, and various sports activities production,



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