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Edelkrone Tripod X Motorized Tripod


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  • Fully Motorized, Self-Leveling Tripod
  • 44 lb Lifting, 66 lb Carrying Capacity
  • Weighs 20 lb, 0.8″ per second Adjustment
  • 3-Section Legs, 13-58″ Adjustable Height
  • 3/8″-16 Stud for Flat-Base Video Mounts
  • Included GBA-Type Battery & Charger
  • Average of 300 Adjustments per Charge
  • Foot-Adjustable Ground Spreader
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Body and Legs
  • On-Board and Mobile App Control Options

It seems like you’re describing the features and capabilities of the Edelkrone TRIPOD X Monopod. This type appears to be designed for extended and dynamic shoots,

TRIPOD X Monopod Key features highlighted in your description include:

High-Torque DC Motors: The tripod is equipped with high-torque DC motors, which suggests that it can handle heavy camera setups and provide smooth and stable movement during dynamic shots.

On-Board and Mobile App Controls: Including on-board controls allows for easy and convenient adjustments directly. Additionally, the mobile app controls suggest that users can remotely control the tripod, offering flexibility and creative possibilities.

Optional Shutter Trigger Cable: The availability of an optional shutter trigger cable implies that the can be integrated with a camera for synchronized time-lapse shots. This feature allows for seamless transitions between positions, enhancing the overall quality of time-lapse footage.

Mitigation of On-Set Fatigue: The mention of mitigating on-set fatigue suggests that the  Tripods play a pivotal role in mitigating on-set fatigue for photographers and videographers alike. These sturdy three-legged supports provide stability for cameras,


Extended and Dynamic Shoots: The tripod is to meet the demands of extended and dynamic shooting scenarios. Overall, the Edelkrone Tripod X Motorized appears to be a comprehensive solution for users seeking a motorized tripod,




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