Godox Black and Silver Diffuser for 41.3″

Key Features
  • For 41.3″ Parabolic Umbrellas
  • A black diffuser absorbs light.
  • A silver diffuser reflects light.



Versatile Lighting Control:

This diffuser provides versatile lighting control, allowing photographers to adjust light intensity and direction for desired effects with the help of Godox Black and Silver Diffuser for 41.3″.

Black and silver design:
Featuring a black and silver reversible design, the diffuser offers options for softening or reflecting light for different purposes.

Durable Material:
Constructed from durable materials, the diffuser ensures long-lasting performance and reliability in various shooting conditions.

Portable and lightweight:
Its lightweight and portable design makes the diffuser easy to carry and set up for on-location shoots.

Quick Installation:
The diffuser sets up quickly and easily, saving photographers time and effort during setup.

Adjustable Size:
With a 41.3″ size, the diffuser offers ample coverage for softening or reflecting light over a wide area.

Softening Effect:
The black side of the diffuser softens harsh light, creating a flattering and natural look for portraits and close-up shots.

Reflective Effect:
The silver side of the diffuser reflects light, adding brightness and contrast to subjects for dynamic lighting effects.

Creative Lighting Possibilities of Godox Black and Silver Diffuser for 41.3″

Experiment with different lighting setups and techniques using the diffuser, enhancing creativity in photography.

Enhanced Portrait Photography:
Ideal for portrait photography, the diffuser helps photographers achieve soft and flattering lighting for their subjects.

Product Photography:
For product photography, the diffuser provides controlled lighting to highlight product details and textures effectively.

Outdoor Photography:
In outdoor settings, the diffuser helps control harsh sunlight, allowing photographers to achieve balanced and natural-looking lighting.

Studio Photography:
In studio environments, the diffuser provides soft and even lighting for professional studio portraits and fashion shoots.

Event Photography:
For event photography, the diffuser helps photographers control and diffuse artificial lighting for consistent and flattering results.

Wedding Photography:
In wedding photography, the diffuser enhances natural lighting for beautiful and romantic images of the bride and groom.

The Godox Black and Silver Diffuser for 41.3″ is an essential accessory for photographers seeking versatile and effective lighting control in their work.

Godox DPU-105BS Specs

41.3″ / 105.0 cm
Light Loss
Not Specified by Manufacturer
Packaging Info
Package Weight
0.315 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
12.7 x 9.15 x 2.25″



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