Kingjoy MP1008 with VT1510 Head Professional Monopod

Key Features:

360-degree base pedestal

Non-skid rubber bottom pad design

Collapsible base



Kingjoy Professional Monopod Monopod Design:

Embark on a seamless photographic journey with the Kingjoy Professional Monopod, boasting an innovative design for effortless transactions between shots. Crafted for photographers and videographers seeking unparalleled stability and flexibility, this monopod delivers smooth adjustments and precise positioning for every frame. With its intuitive controls and sturdy construction, it facilitates smooth transitions between different angles and compositions.

Kingjoy Professional Monopod Aluminum Construction:

Step into the world of seamless photography and videography with the Kingjoy Professional Monopod, meticulously crafted with durable aluminum construction. Engineered for reliability and precision, this monopod ensures smooth transactions between shots, empowering creators to capture every moment with clarity and finesse. Its lightweight yet sturdy design makes it ideal for on-the-go shooting, while the aluminum construction provides stability and durability in any environment. Whether you’re planning for panoramic landscapes or tracking fast-paced action, the Kingjoy Professional Monopod delivers unparalleled performance, facilitating fluid movements and precise adjustments. Elevate your shooting experience with this essential tool and unleash your creative potential.”

Adjustable Height:

The monopod’s height can be adjusted to suit various shooting scenarios. This is useful for capturing shots from different perspectives.

Leg Sections:

Experience unparalleled versatility and adaptability in your photography and videography setups with Kingjoy Leg Sections. These innovative components allow for customizable height adjustments, ensuring your tripod or monopod can adapt to any shooting environment. With multiple leg sections, you can achieve the perfect height for capturing unique angles and perspectives. Effortlessly extend or retract the legs to suit your needs.

VT1510 Head:

The monopod is equipped with the VT1510 head, which is likely a specific type of pan-and-tilt head. This head allows for smooth and controlled movements when positioning your camera.

Kingjoy Professional Monopod Quick Release Plate:

Maximize your efficiency and versatility in photography and videography with the Kingjoy Quick Release Plate. Engineered for seamless transactions between camera setups, this essential accessory offers swift and secure mounting and dismounting of your equipment. Its intuitive design enables photographers and videographers to switch between different setups effortlessly, saving valuable time on location. Crafted with precision and durability

Locking Mechanism:

Experience unparalleled security and stability in your photography and videography endeavors with the Kingjoy Locking Mechanism. Engineered for precision and reliability, this innovative feature ensures seamless transactions between adjustments, keeping your camera equipment securely in place. Whether you’re panning, tilting, or adjusting the height of your tripod or monopod, the locking mechanism provides peace of mind.

Rubber Feet:

Elevate your photography and videography experience with Kingjoy Rubber Feet, designed for stability and precision on any surface. These durable rubber feet provide enhanced traction and vibration absorption, ensuring steady shots even in challenging environments. Whether you’re shooting on uneven terrain or slippery surfaces, the rubber feet offer reliable support and confidence in your equipment. With easy installation and versatile compatibility,

Professional Use:

The designation as a professional monopod suggests that it is designed for use by serious photographers and videographers in a variety of professional settings.

Weight Capacity:

Unlock the full potential of your photography and videography gear with the impressive weight capacity of Kingjoy products. Engineered to support heavy camera equipment and accessories, these sturdy tripods, monopods, and stabilizers ensure stability and reliability in every shot. With generous weight capacities, ranging from lightweight setups to professional-grade gear, Kingjoy products offer versatility for creators of all levels.



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