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KINGJOY VT-2500 Professional Light Weight Camera Tripod

Key Features:

Fluid Head with Pan and Tilt Motion

Quick-Release Plate

Adjustable Pan Handle

Adjustable Leg Sections

Rubber Feet with Retractable Spikes



Sturdy Aluminum Alloy Construction:

Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, the KINGJOY VT-2500 tripod provides a sturdy and durable foundation for your camera equipment. The robust construction ensures stability, making it suitable for a wide range of cameras, camcorders, and accessories.

Fluid Head with Pan and Tilt Motion:

The tripod is equipped with a fluid head that allows smooth and controlled pan and tilt motions. This feature is essential for capturing professional-looking video footage with seamless movements and precise framing.

Quick-Release Plate:

The quick-release plate enables swift and secure attachment and detachment of your camera. This convenient mechanism allows you to transition from using the tripod to handheld shooting or other setups with minimal effort.

Adjustable Pan Handle:

The tripod features an adjustable pan handle that enhances control over pan movements. This ergonomic design allows for comfortable and precise adjustments, ensuring smooth and accurate panning during video recording.

Adjustable Leg Sections:

The tripod’s legs have multiple sections that can be adjusted to different lengths, providing flexibility in setting the tripod’s height. This feature allows you to achieve the desired shooting perspective and adapt to various environments and shooting conditions.

Flip-Lock Leg Clamps:

The flip-lock leg clamps facilitate quick and secure adjustments to the tripod’s height. This design ensures that the legs are firmly locked in place during use, providing stability for your camera equipment.

Center Column with Locking Knob:

The center column of the tripod includes a locking knob that allows you to secure the column at the desired height. This feature enhances the tripod’s stability and enables precise adjustments for different shooting scenarios.

Bubble Level:

The built-in bubble level helps you ensure that the tripod is leveled, facilitating accurate compositions. This is particularly valuable when shooting in challenging environments or when capturing panoramic images.

Rubber Feet with Retractable Spikes:

The tripod’s rubber feet provide stability on smooth surfaces, while the retractable spikes offer enhanced grip on soft or uneven terrain. This dual functionality ensures versatility in various shooting environments.

Carrying Case:

The tripod comes with a dedicated carrying case for convenient transport and storage. The case protects the tripod during travel and provides an organized solution for keeping all components together.




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