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MMBEL B112M 90W LED Panel

Key Features:

  • Photography Studios
  • Video Production
  • Office Lighting
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Home Studios
  • Retail Environments

MMBEL LED Panel High Power Output:

Illuminate your projects with the impressive power of the MMBEL LED Panel. Boasting a high output of luminance, this panel delivers brilliant and consistent lighting, perfect for photography, videography, or any creative endeavor. With its advanced technology, it provides reliable and efficient illumination, ensuring your subjects are well-lit and vibrant in any setting. The MMBEL LED Panel’s versatility allows for seamless integration into various setups, whether in the studio or on location. Its durable construction and sleek design make it a portable and reliable lighting solution for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Elevate your lighting setup with the MMBEL LED Panel’s high-power output, where brilliance meets versatility.

MMBEL LED Panel Adjustable Color Temperature:

Tailor the lighting to your needs with the adjustable color temperature feature. Whether you require warm ambient lighting or cool, daylight tones, this LED panel provides flexibility for different settings.

Dimmable Brightness:

Achieve the desired level of brightness with the dimmable feature. From subtle and atmospheric lighting to powerful brightness for tasks that demand focus, the MMBEL LED panel adapts to your preferences.

Energy-Efficient Design:

Enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient LED technology. The B-112M-90W is designed to provide optimal lighting while minimizing energy consumption, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.

MMBEL LED Panel Even Light Distribution:

The panel design ensures uniform light distribution across the entire surface. Say goodbye to harsh shadows and uneven lighting, creating a well-lit environment for photography, videography, or general lighting purposes.

Slim and Sleek Build:

With its slim and sleek profile, the MMBEL LED panel adds a modern and sophisticated touch to any space. Its unobtrusive design allows it to seamlessly integrate into various settings.

Versatile Mounting Options:

The LED panel comes equipped with versatile mounting options, allowing you to install it on ceilings or walls. Whether you’re setting up a home studio, office space, or commercial environment, this panel offers flexibility in placement.

Durable Construction:

Built with durability in mind, the B-112M-90W LED Panel is crafted to withstand regular use. Its robust construction ensures a long lifespan, providing reliable lighting for your needs.



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