Moza iFocus-M Wireless Lens Motor

Key Features
  • Lightweight, Quiet 15mm Rod Mount Motor
  • For Moza Air 2 and AirCross 2 Gimbals
  • Two Units Can Be Mounted on AirCross 2
  • Powered via CAN Bus Connection to Gimbal
  • Controllable by Handwheel or Hand Unit
  • 328′ Wireless Distance




Discover the Moza iFocus-M Wireless Lens Motor, an essential tool for precise and remote control over your camera’s focus.

Wireless Control:

Experience seamless wireless control over focus, allowing for greater flexibility and creativity in your filmmaking projects.

Precision Performance:

Achieve pinpoint accuracy in focus adjustments, ensuring crisp and sharp images with every shot or video capture.

Quiet Operation:

Enjoy silent and smooth focus adjustments, ideal for capturing audio-sensitive environments without disrupting filming sessions.

Compact Design:

Benefit from the compact and lightweight design of the iFocus-M motor, adding minimal bulk to your camera rig.

Easy Installation:

Attach the lens motor quickly and effortlessly to your camera setup, allowing for hassle-free setup and operation.

Versatile Compatibility:

Ensure compatibility with a wide range of lenses, adapting to various filmmaking scenarios and equipment setups seamlessly.

long battery life of Moza iFocus-M Wireless Lens Motor

Count on extended battery life for uninterrupted filming sessions, providing reliable power for all-day shoots.

Intuitive Control Interface:

Navigate through focus settings with ease using the user-friendly control interface, simplifying focus adjustments on the fly.

Remote Control Capability:

Control focus remotely from a distance, allowing for creative shooting angles and dynamic camera movements.

Multi-Axis Support:

Utilize the iFocus-M motor for multi-axis control, enabling smooth and synchronized focus adjustments in complex camera setups.

Professional filmmaking tools:

Elevate your filmmaking projects with the precision and versatility offered by the iFocus-M wireless lens motor.

Real-Time Feedback:

Receive real-time feedback on focus adjustments, ensuring accurate and consistent results with each shot.

Enhanced Cinematic Effects:

Achieve cinematic effects such as rack focus and focus pulls with ease, adding depth and dimension to your footage.

Sturdy Construction:

Rely on the durable build quality of the iFocus-M motor, designed to withstand the rigors of professional filmmaking environments.

Adaptable Mounting Options:

Mount the lens motor securely to your camera rig or gimbal system, adapting to different setups for maximum versatility.

Creative Freedom:

Unlock new creative possibilities in your filmmaking endeavors with the precision and control provided by the iFocus-M motor

Moza IFocus-M Specs

0.25 Nm
40 Teeth, 0.8 Mod
Rod Clamp Type
15 mm
Operating Frequency
2.415 – 2.473 GHz
Transmission Distance
328′ / 100 m
Control Interface
Firmware Update Port
USB Type-C
3.1 oz / 88 g
Packaging Info
Package Weight
0.3 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
4.7 x 3.6 x 2.2″



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