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Nk T12 Pro RGB Video Light

Key Features 

  • Long-lasting Battery: Built-in 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery ensures continuous operation for up to 100 minutes at full brightness.
  • Dual Functionality: Can be used while charging, and features a C-type fast charging port for convenient mobile device charging.
  • Versatile Dimming: LED dimmable panel light offers stepless dimming from 1% to 100% brightness, with 135 LED beads and a wide color temperature range of 2500K to 9900K.
  • Mounting Options: Mountable on a hot shoe or tripod, suitable for various applications including video chats, online meetings, vlogs, and photo shoots.
  • RGB Light Modes: RGB light offers soft and adjustable lighting with multiple modes, including fluorescent and daylight simulation, as well as vibrant RGB colors.
  • Convenient Controls: Flush mount power switch prevents accidental activation while in storage, operable while USB charging for uninterrupted use.
  • Backup Charging: Type C port allows for continued operation when internal battery is unable to charge, also functions as a 4000mAh charger for other devices.



Nk T12 Pro RGB Versatile Illumination:

Illuminate your scenes with the LED camera video light, featuring a built-in 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Enjoy 100 minutes of continuous operation at 100% brightness, with the added convenience of using it while charging. Plus, with its C-type fast charging port, it doubles as a mobile power source to charge your devices on the go.

Nk T12 Pro RGB Customizable Lighting:

Experience versatile lighting options with the LED dimmable panel light. Boasting 135 LED beads and a color temperature range of 2500K to 9900K, along with stepless dimming from 1% to 100% brightness, this light is perfect for various applications. Mount it on a hot shoe or tripod for video chats, online meetings, vlogs, or photo shoots, providing ideal fill lighting even in close-up or interview-style settings.

Creative Expression:

Explore creative possibilities with the RGB light, offering multiple functions and diverse light modes. From soft and adjustable light to mimic fluorescent or daylight temperatures to vibrant RGB colors, this light allows you to effortlessly set the mood for any scene. With its brightness ranging from dazzling to subtle, you can easily achieve the most flattering lighting for your subjects.

Enhanced Convenience:

Enjoy enhanced convenience with the key lights’ flush mount power switch, preventing accidental power-on while stored in your kit bag. Operate the light while it’s charging via USB, ensuring uninterrupted use. Additionally, when the internal battery can’t be charged, simply plug it in through the type C port for continuous operation. Plus, it doubles as a 4000mAh charger, providing versatility on the go.



  • Foto Crown: Understanding the NK RGB Light Brand:
  • History and Background
With a legacy of excellence in lighting technology, RGB Light Brand has been at the forefront of innovation.
  • Quality and Features of RGB Light Products
  • Vibrant Color Options
RGB Light products boast a wide range of vibrant colors, allowing users to create custom lighting schemes and set the perfect mood for any occasion.
  • Dynamic Lighting Effects
With built-in dynamic lighting effects such as color cycling and strobing,
  • Versatility and Convenience
Whether for home decor, entertainment spaces, or commercial settings, RGB light products offer versatility and convenience, enhancing any environment with ease.
  • Applications of NK RGB Light Products
  • Home Decor
Decor: RGB Light products can be used to accentuate architectural features, highlight decor elements, and create immersive lighting experiences.
  • Benefits of Using RGB Light Products
  • Ambiance Enhancement
NK RGB Light products allow users to transform their spaces instantly, adding ambiance and personality with the touch of a button.

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