Key Features:

  • Q999H Professional Tripod
  • Sturdy Camera Support
  • Adjustable Height Photography Tripod
  • Quick Release Plate
  • Pan and Tilt Head
  • Foldable and Portable Design
  • Universal 1/4-inch Screw Mount



Professional Tripod Q999H Sturdy Construction:

Crafted from high-quality materials, it offers a sturdy and reliable platform for your camera or camcorder. The robust construction ensures stability even in challenging shooting conditions, making it suitable for outdoor adventures, studio sessions, and various photographic scenarios. Whether shooting indoors or outdoors, its robust build ensures durability and stability, allowing you to capture crisp and clear images with confidence.

Adjustable Height:

The tripod features adjustable height settings, allowing you to customize the shooting perspective based on your creative vision. Whether you need to shoot at eye level, capture low-angle shots, or elevate your camera for unique perspectives, the adjustable height feature ensures flexibility in composition.

3-Way Pan/Tilt Head:

The included 3-way pan/tilt head provides precise control over the orientation of your camera. This feature is particularly valuable for framing shots with accuracy and composing videos smoothly. The pan and tilt adjustments enable you to follow subjects seamlessly and capture scenes with fluid movements.

Professional Tripod Q999HQuick Release Plate:

The quick-release plate facilitates swift and efficient mounting and dismounting of your camera. This feature is advantageous when transitioning between different shots or when you need to switch to handheld shooting.

Professional Tripod Q999H 360-Degree Panorama Shooting:

The Professional Tripod Q999H allows for 360-degree panorama shooting, expanding your creative possibilities. Whether you’re creating panoramic landscapes or immersive virtual tours, this feature enables you to capture the full scope of your surroundings with ease.

Monopod Conversion:

The tripod’s center column can be detached and converted into a monopod, adding versatility to your shooting options. A monopod is particularly useful in situations where space is limited or when you need to quickly adjust your shooting position.

Bubble Level:

This feature is especially valuable when capturing landscapes, architectural shots, or any situation where maintaining a straight horizon is crucial for visual impact.

Portability and Storage:

The included carrying bag adds convenience during travel or when moving between shooting locations.



  1. FOTO CROWN Unlock the Full Potential of Your Photography with a Professional Tripod:
  • Introduction to Tripod
  • Essential tool for photographers and videographers
  • Provides stability and versatility for capturing high-quality images and videos
  • Importance of Using a Tripod
  • Ensures sharp and clear images by reducing camera shake
  • Allows for long exposures and time-lapse photography
  • Key Features of Tripods
  • Adjustable legs and height for versatility
  • Quick-release plate for easy camera mounting
  • Types of Tripods
  1. Carbon Fiber Tripods: Lightweight and durable, ideal for travel photography
  2. Aluminum Tripods: Affordable option with excellent stability
  3. Travel Tripods: Compact and portable for on-the-go shooting
  • How to Choose the Right Tripod
  • Consider weight capacity, height, and portability
  • Decide between twist-lock or flip-lock leg mechanisms
  • Tips for Using a Tripod
  • Ensure proper setup on stable ground
  • Use a remote shutter release or self-timer to minimize camera shake
  • Professional Tripods vs. Consumer Tripods
  • Professional tripods offer superior build quality and stability
  • Designed for professional photographers and videographers

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