RED DIGITAL 6K Camera Production Pack


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Key Features
  • Super35 KOMODO-X 6K Camera
  • Full-Frame 6K to 80 fps, 4K to 120 fps
  • Reinforced, Locking Canon RF Lens Mount
  • RED Pro Gold Mount I/O Module
  • DSMC3 RED Touch 7.0″ LCD
  • 2 x RED PRO CFexpress 1TB Cards
  • Compact R/S Top Handle
  • CFexpress Card Reader
  • 5-Pin to 3.5mm Audio Cable


Available on backorder


Introduction to RED DIGITAL 6K Camera Production Pack

The RED DIGITAL 6K Camera Production Pack includes a cutting-edge 6K camera with essential accessories.

High-Resolution Camera

The camera boasts a stunning 6K resolution, providing exceptional clarity and detail for professional filmmaking.

Versatile Lens Options

Choose from a variety of compatible lenses to suit different shooting scenarios and creative needs.

Robust Build Quality

Built to withstand rigorous production environments, ensuring reliability and longevity during intensive use.

Efficient Workflow Integration

Streamline your production process with seamless integration into existing workflows and editing software.

Comprehensive Accessory Package of RED DIGITAL 6K Camera Production Pack

Includes essential accessories like batteries, chargers, and storage solutions for complete operational readiness.

Advanced Imaging Technology

Utilizes advanced imaging technology to capture rich colors, deep contrasts, and precise details in every shot.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface make operation straightforward for both seasoned professionals and beginners.

Enhanced Creative Control

Empowers filmmakers with extensive customization options to achieve their artistic vision effectively.

Flexible Shooting Capabilities

Adaptable for a wide range of shooting scenarios, from cinematic productions to documentaries and commercials.

Professional Audio Recording

Capture high-quality audio with optional microphone accessories for clear and immersive sound.

Compact and Portable Design

Despite its powerful capabilities, the camera maintains a compact and portable form factor for easy transportation.

Durable and Reliable Performance

Designed for durability, ensuring consistent performance even in challenging environmental conditions.

Real-time Monitoring and Playback

Provides real-time monitoring and playback options for instant review of footage on set.

Integrated Connectivity Options

Features integrated connectivity options for seamless data transfer and remote control capabilities.

Expandable Storage Solutions for camera

Supports expandable storage solutions to accommodate large volumes of high-resolution footage.

Conclusions are as follows:

The RED Camera Production Pack is an all-inclusive solution for professional filmmakers seeking high-quality results.





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