Shimbol TP Mini Wireless Video System

Key Features

  • Transmitter and Receiver Set
  • Transmit up to 1080p60 Video
  • Transmit up to 600′ Line of Sight
  • HDMI Input and Outputs


Superior Video Wireless Transmission Technology

Shimbol TP Mini offers unparalleled video transmission technology, ensuring clear and reliable streaming in various environments on the go with the Shimbol TP Mini Wireless Video System.

Compact and Portable Design
Its compact and portable design makes Shimbol TP Mini ideal for on-the-go video streaming needs without compromising on quality.

Versatile Compatibility
With versatile compatibility, Shimbol TP Mini seamlessly integrates with a wide range of devices for effortless video transmission.

Easy Setup and Installation
Enjoy hassle-free setup and installation with Shimbol TP Mini, allowing you to start streaming videos quickly and efficiently.

Robust Signal Strength
Experience robust signal strength with Shimbol TP Mini, ensuring uninterrupted video transmission even in challenging environments.

Enhanced Security Features
Shimbol TP Mini prioritizes security, offering enhanced features to protect your video transmission from unauthorized access or interference.

High-Quality Video Output
Experience high-quality video output with Shimbol TP Mini, delivering crisp and clear visuals for an immersive viewing experience.

Reliable Performance
Count on Shimbol TP Mini for reliable performance, whether for live streaming, surveillance, or video conferencing applications.

Seamless Integration
Achieve seamless integration with existing video systems using Shimbol TP Mini, enhancing connectivity and functionality with ease.

Streamlined Workflow
Enhance your workflow efficiency with Shimbol TP Mini, streamlining video transmission processes for improved productivity and convenience.


Customizable Settings of Shimbol TP Mini Wireless Video System

Tailor Shimbol TP Mini to your specific needs with customizable settings, allowing you to optimize video transmission for your requirements.

Advanced Transmission Protocols
Benefit from advanced transmission protocols embedded in Shimbol TP Mini, ensuring efficient and stable video streaming under varying conditions.

Enhanced Mobility
Experience enhanced mobility with Shimbol TP Mini’s lightweight design, enabling flexibility in video streaming applications across diverse locations.

Real-time Monitoring
Stay informed with real-time monitoring capabilities offered by Shimbol TP Mini, allowing you to track video transmission performance effortlessly.

Cost-effective Solution
Invest in a cost-effective video transmission solution with Shimbol TP Mini, offering exceptional performance and reliability at an affordable price.







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