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SmallRig Camera Cage for Sony A7 III A7R III A7R IV A7S III

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  • s=”listItem_OMS5rN7R1Z” data-selenium=”sellingPointsListItem”>Select Sony A7 and A1 cameras
  • enium=”sellingPointsListItem”>Multiple 1/4″-20 & ARRI 3/8″-16 Threads
  • nium=”sellingPointsListItem”>Maintains Access to batteries & Ports</li><li class=”listItem_OMS5rN7R1Z” data-selenium=”sellingPointsListItem”>Two Locking Side Plates with M2.5 Screws
  • Two Cold Shoes, NATO Rail
  • Arca-Type Quick Release Plate
  • Rubber Padding Protects Camera
  • Aluminum Alloy & Steel Construction


  • SmallRig Full Camera Cage Compatibility:
  • Compatible models typically include popular cameras such as the Sony A7 III, A7R III, A7R IV, A7S III, and other similar variants. The SmallRig Full Camera Cage empowers you to customize your rig to meet your specific requirements, unlocking endless possibilities for professional-grade filmmaking.
  • Robust Aluminum Construction:
  • Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, the SmallRig Full Camera Cage offers robust protection for your Sony Alpha camera without adding unnecessary weight. The durable construction enhances the camera’s resilience against accidental bumps and drops.
  • Full Access to Camera Controls:
  • The cage features precision-cut openings that provide full access to all essential camera controls, buttons, ports, and slots. This allows users to maintain complete functionality while the camera is housed within the cage.
  • Multiple 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting points:
  • The cage is equipped with multiple 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded mounting points strategically placed on the top, sides, and bottom. These mounting points enable users to attach a variety of accessories, such as monitors, lights, microphones, and additional rigging components.
  • SmallRig Full Camera Cage Arca-Swiss Quick Release Plate:

  • The bottom of the cage features an Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate. This allows for easy and secure mounting on Arca-Swiss compatible tripods, gimbals, and other support systems.
  • Integrated Cold Shoe Mount:
  • The integrated cold shoe mount on the top of the cage provides a convenient attachment point for accessories such as microphones, lights, or on-camera monitors. This enhances the overall versatility of your camera setup.
  • Form-Fitting Design:
  • The form-fitting design of the cage hugs the contours of the Sony Alpha camera, maintaining a sleek and compact profile. This ensures that the cage remains unobtrusive while providing the necessary protection and functionality.
  • Built-in NATO Rail:
  • A built-in NATO rail on the top of the cage offers additional mounting options for NATO-compatible accessories, providing further customization possibilities for your camera rig.
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Support Type &lt;div class=”expandableValue_KqJ3Q3GPKv”>Cage


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Camera Compatibility

Sony a1, Sony a7 IV, Sony a7R IV, Sony a7R V, Sony a7S III

<td class=”value_KqJ3Q3GPKv” data-selenium=”specsItemGroupTableColumnValue”>Multiple x 1/4″-20 Female ThreadMultiple x ARRI Anti-Twist 3/8″-16 Female Thread

Battery Plate Type
Accessory Mounting
Camera Mounting
1/4″-20 Male Screw
Tripod Mounting
Built-In Arca-Type Plate
Shoe Mounting
2 x Cold Shoe
Rail Mounting
1 x NATO Rail
Aluminum, Rubber, Silicone, Steel
5.7 x 4.2 x 2.5″ / 146 x 107.6 x 64.5 mm
6.7 oz / 190 g
Packaging Info
Package Weight
0.58 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
7.2 x 5.7 x 2.8″



  1. FOTO CROWN: Redefining Filmmaking Essentials with SmallRig Cages: Precision and Innovation
  • Crafted for creativity:
SmallRig Cages are meticulously engineered to provide filmmakers with the ultimate platform for unleashing their creativity. With precision construction and innovative design, our cages offer unparalleled versatility. allowing you to customize your rig to suit your unique filmmaking style.
  • Stability and Support:
Designed to deliver maximum stability and support, cages ensure that your camera remains secure and steady, even in challenging shooting conditions. With robust construction and ergonomic features, our cages provide peace of mind
  • Seamless Integration:
Providing a hassle-free solution for mounting essential accessories such as monitors, lights, and microphones with a wide range of mounting options and compatibility with popular camera models.allowing you to focus solely on your creative vision.
  • Join the SmallRig Community:
Join a community of passionate filmmakers who trust Cages to deliver superior performance and reliability. Experience the difference with SmallRig Cages and unlock your full creative potential today.

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