Synco X Talk X5 Wireless Intercom System with 5 Single Ear Headsets 2.4 GHz

Key Features
          • Easy-to-Use Low-Power 2.4 GHz System
          • 5 Single-Ear Headsets, No Hub Needed
          • Full-Duplex, Use Any Headset as Master
          • True Wireless Headset, No Bodypack
          • Audio Echo Cancellation (AEC)
          • Divides into Two Groups
          • Comfortable Padded Ear Cushions
          • 1148′ Operating Range
          • 20-Hour Battery Life, 3.5mm Monitor Jack
          • Rechargeable Batteries, Cables, and Bag

The Synco X-Talk X5 is a full-duplex wireless intercom system designed to deliver clear communication in a comfortable true-wireless design, eliminating the need for bodypacks or hubs. This configuration includes 5 rugged, single-ear headsets, providing flexibility and convenience for users. Synco’s MasterFree algorithm allows any headset to function as the master, enhancing usability and versatility.

True-Wireless Design:

Enjoy a comfortable and convenient communication experience without the hassle of bodypacks or hubs, allowing for greater mobility and flexibility.

Master Free Algorithm:

Synco’s Master Free algorithm enables seamless operation, allowing any headset to serve as the master unit for enhanced convenience and versatility.

Comprehensive Package:

The system includes 5 rugged, single-ear headsets along with 5 rechargeable batteries, 3 battery charging stations, 3 USB charging cables, 5 windscreens, 5 single-ear foam cushions, and a transport/storage case for added convenience.

Reliable Transmission:

Utilizing 2.4 GHz technology, the X-Talk X5 ensures clear and reliable transmission with a range of up to 1148′, making it suitable for various applications such as film and video productions, event coordination, and more.

Versatile Applications:

With its wide range of features and capabilities, the X-Talk X5 is well-suited for use in businesses, schools, houses of worship, and other environments where effective communication is essential.

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