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Tilta Mirage VND Kit

Key Features
  • Clamps onto Lenses with 95mm Diameter
  • Suitable for Gimbals and Drones
  • Accepts Tilta Circular 95mm Filter
  • Variable ND Filter System Included
  • Optional 4 x 5.65″ Stackable Filter Tray
  • 4 x Lens Adapters Included

Tilta Mirage VND Kit: Modular Matte Box System

Built rugged for daily use yet lightweight for versatile applications

variable ND system allows precise adjustment from 1 to 9 stops

Modular design lets you configure matte box to match shot requirements

Designed for optimal airflow to reduce wind resistance during high-speed shoots

Tilta Mirage VND Kit Variable ND System:

Adjust ND effect from 0.3 to 2.7 stops with built-in hard stops

No color shift for natural colors, suitable for wide lenses and focal lengths beyond 35mm

Geared adjustment mechanism compatible with optional motor control

Wind-Resistant Design:

matte box body features integrated vents for improved stability in windy conditions

Modular Configuration:

Customize matte box setup with various optional components such as lens hood, top flag, and rubber hood

Optional 15mm LWS rod support for handling heavier filter loads

95mm Circular Filter System:

Provides coverage for lenses up to 95mm outer barrel diameter

Significantly lighter weight compared to traditional glass filters


The Tilta Mirage VND Kit filter is a powerful tool for photographers and filmmakers, offering variable neutral density control to adjust exposure seamlessly.

With its high-quality construction and precise adjustments, it enables users to capture stunning visuals in diverse lighting conditions, elevating their creative output effortlessly.

Optional 4 x 5.65″ stackable filter tray accommodates additional filters for enhanced creative control



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