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Travor L5000RP RGB LED Video Light with Barndoor

Key Features:

  • Easily adjust brightness for varied scenes and effects.
  • Noise-free operation, ideal for video recording environments.
  • Easy to transport for on-the-go creative setups.
  • Suitable for photography, videography, live streaming, and more.


Travor L5000 LED RGB LED Technology:

Travor L5000-RP Explore a world of colors with RGB LED lights, allowing you to create dynamic and atmospheric lighting effects for your photos and videos. enabling endless creative possibilities for photography, videography, and live streaming. Adjustable brightness levels further enhance control, ensuring optimal lighting in any shooting environment. Whether you’re aiming for dramatic effects or subtle accents, the L5000 LED RGB light delivers precise and vibrant illumination. Experience the power of cutting-edge LED technology and elevate your content with the Travor L5000 LED RGB light.

Barndoors for Directional Control:

The L5000 LED-included barn doors enable precise control over light direction, allowing you to shape and focus the illumination for desired effects.

Adjustable Color Temperature:

Customize your lighting with adjustable color temperature settings, providing flexibility to match ambient lighting conditions or create unique moods.

Brightness Control:

Easily adjust the brightness of light, giving you control over the intensity of your lighting setup for various scenes.

Silent Operation:

Enjoy a noise-free shooting environment, as the Travor L5000-RP light operate silently, making them ideal for video recording.

Compact and Portable:

With a compact design, these lights are easy to transport, ensuring that your creative lighting setup can be taken wherever your projects lead.

Wide Application:

Suitable for photography, videography, live streaming, and more, these lights offer a versatile solution for a range of creative applications.

In The Box: 1 RGB Light/1 Light Stand/1 Power Adopter



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