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White Seamless Background Paper

  • Create smooth backgrounds for photo, video, social media & more
  • Great for portraits, commercial photography, vlogging & crafting
  • Cost-effective and easy to use – just unroll what you need
  • Professional quality, non-reflective dyed paper
  • Recyclable and made from an average of 75% recycled materials


1. Versatile Studio Essential:

White Seamless Background Paper serves as a versatile studio essential for various photography and video projects.

2. Clean and Minimalist Aesthetic:
Achieve a clean and minimalist aesthetic with a seamless white backdrop, enhancing subject focus and visual clarity.

3. Neutral Background for Any Subject:
Provides a neutral background that complements any subject, making it suitable for portraits, product photography, and more.

4. Seamless Design for Smooth Transitions:
The seamless construction ensures smooth transitions without distracting seams, maintaining visual continuity.

5. Adjustable Length and Width:
Available in various lengths and widths, allowing flexibility to suit different studio setups and shooting requirements.

6. Lightweight and Easy to Handle:
Made from lightweight materials, making it easy to handle and adjust during photography sessions.

7. Durable Construction for Longevity:
Constructed from durable materials for longevity, ensuring repeated use without tearing or wear.


8. Suitable for High-Key Lighting of White Seamless Background Paper

Ideal for high-key lighting setups, producing bright and evenly lit backgrounds that emphasize subjects effectively.

9. Compatibility with Studio Lighting:
Works seamlessly with studio lighting equipment, enhancing overall lighting control and setup efficiency.

10. Ideal for Product Photography:
Perfect for showcasing products with crisp, professional images against a seamless white background.

11. Portrait Photography Applications:
Popular choice for portrait photography, providing a classic and timeless look that emphasizes facial features.

12. Video Production Use:
Commonly used in video production for creating clean backgrounds that enhance visual appeal and focus on content.

13. Easy to Store and Transport:
Conveniently rolls up for compact storage and transportation, suitable for mobile photography setups.

14. Cost-Effective Studio Solution:
Offers a cost-effective solution for establishing a professional studio environment without the need for elaborate setups.

15. Customizable for Creative Projects:
Can be customized with props, colors, and lighting effects to suit creative vision and project requirements.


White Specs

Color / Design
Solid White
Thickness / Depth
7.6 mil / 0.19 mm
Basis Weight
163 gsm
Core Size
2.125″ / 5.397 cm
Packaging Info
Package Weight
12 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
87.3 x 4.1 x 4.1″

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