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Brand: Rode Model: Rode AI-1 Studio-Quality USB Audio Interface
Rode AI-1 is a studio-quality audio interface well suited for recording vocals, instruments, and voice-overs into your Mac or Windows computer. The interface features a single, combo XLR-1/4" input with phantom power, two balanced 1/4" monitor outputs, and a single, discrete, studio-quality headphon..
Ex Tax:Rs.19,000.00
Brand: Rode Model: Rode Blimp Windshield and Rycote Shock Mount Suspension System
Blimp Windshield and Rycote Shock Mount Suspension System from Rode is designed to provide your shotgun microphone with protection from wind noise and isolation from shock and vibration. It fits the Rode NTG1, NTG2, NTG3, NTG4, NTG4+, NTG5, and any shotgun mic up to 12.75" in length.The Blimp attach..
Ex Tax:Rs.38,000.00
Brand: Rode Model: Rode BoomPole Aluminium 3.3m
The RODE Boom Pole is a precision balanced professional boom pole for location recording, machined from high grade, lightweight aluminium. The Boompole allows you to mount your microphone securely and swivel it in a range of directions that will allow you to easily change positions and follow your s..
Ex Tax:Rs.16,000.00
Brand: Rode Model: Rode Boompole Pro (9.8')
The Boompole Pro from Rode is a compact carbon fiber boompole that extends from 2.7' in length to a full 9.8', and it is designed for use with professional shotgun microphones. The five carbon fiber sections make it lightweight while maintaining strength, and they are easily extendable with one hand..
Ex Tax:Rs.55,000.00
Brand: Rode Model: Rode Complete Studio Kit with AI-1 Audio Interface
Rode Complete Studio Kit combines the AI-1 USB audio interface with the NT1 cardioid condenser microphone, the SMR advanced shockmount with pop filter, a premium XLR cable, a USB cable, and a copy of Ableton Live Lite to create an all-in-one solution for recording vocals and instruments in a project..
Ex Tax:Rs.61,000.00
Brand: Rode Model: Rode DeadCat GO Artificial Fur Wind Shield for the VideoMic GO
RODE Dead Kitten Artificial Fur Wind Shield is designed for use with the RODE Stereo VideoMic, RODE Stereo VideoMic Pro, RODE Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote, RODE WS4, and RODE NT4 microphone. It's specially designed with artificial fur that minimizes wind noise, while also remaining acoustically transp..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,000.00
Brand: Rode Model: Rode DeadCat GO Artificial Fur Wind Shield for the VideoMic GO
Rode DeadCat GO is a furry wind cover for the VideoMic GO, designed for use indoors to protect from air conditioner drafts, and outdoors to protect from wind noise. Its artificial fur is specially designed to minimize wind noise while remaining acoustically transparent...
Ex Tax:Rs.5,000.00
Brand: Rode Model: Rode DeadCat VMPR Artificial Fur Wind Shield
DeadCat VMPR Artificial Fur Wind Shield from Rode is a furry wind-cover for the VideoMic Pro with the Lyre Shock-mount (sold separately). The artificial fur minimizes wind-noise in windy environments while remaining acoustically transparent. Not compatible with VideoMic Pro with band suspension...
Ex Tax:Rs.5,000.00
Brand: Rode Model: Rode DeadCat VMPR+ Artificial Fur
Rode DeadCat VMPR+ is a furry windshield for the VideoMic Pro Plus on-camera shotgun microphone, designed to reduce wind noise when recording outdoors in windy environments. It combines an open-cell foam surround with an outer layer of acoustically transparent artificial fur, and features a rubber b..
Ex Tax:Rs.7,000.00
Brand: Rode Model: Rode Interview GO Handheld Mic Adapter for the Wireless GO
RODE Interview GO. Once the transmitter is slotted snugly into the Wireless GO's cradle, the adapter will give you the sound and appearance of a handheld microphone.The Interview GO comprises an adapter and a windshield. Simply slip your Wireless GO transmitter into the adapter, and fit the windshie..
Ex Tax:Rs.5,000.00
Brand: Rode Model: Rode iXY Stereo Microphone (Lightning Connector)
Capture naturalistic stereo audio straight to your phone with the RODE i-XY Stereo Microphone, designed for iOS devices with a Lightning connector. With its X/Y stereo microphone arrangement, high-fidelity audio recording, and included accessories, the mic excels for picking up accurate stereo recor..
Ex Tax:Rs.35,000.00
Brand: Rode Model: Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone
Rode Lavalier GO omnidirectional lavalier microphone to get the convenience and clarity of a broadcast-quality, clip-on lapel mic for your Rode Wireless GO system. Ideal for mobile journalists and videographers, the Lavalier GO features a durable Kevlar-reinforced cable terminated in a gold-plated 3..
Ex Tax:Rs.11,000.00
Brand: Rode Model: Rode MagClip GO Magnet Clip for the Wireless GO Transmitter
MagClip GO, a magnetic clip that lets you affix the transmitter to nearly any piece of clothing. Clip the transmitter to a tie, a shirt collar and more. Position the mic with complete flexibility.Simply put the transmitter on one side of the material and the magnet on the other side with the swatch ..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,000.00
Brand: Rode Model: Rode NT-USB Mini USB Microphone
Rode NT-USB Mini is a USB microphone that aims to give you a professional, broadcast-quality sound in an easy-to-use package. If you've always wanted a dynamite sound but find the concepts of studio-miking to be baffling, this is the mic for you.The microphone makes use of a high-quality condenser c..
Ex Tax:Rs.22,500.00
Brand: Rode Model: Rode NT-USB USB Microphone
NT-USB USB Microphone from Rode is a cardioid, side-address USB microphone that is capable of capturing audio in up to 16-bit / 48 kHz resolution. It has an integrated headphone amplifier and 1/8" stereo headphone jack that allows for monitoring. The on-mic Direct Mix Control allows you to select be..
Ex Tax:Rs.29,500.00
Brand: Rode Model: Rode NT2-A Studio Solution Package
NT2-A Studio Solution Package from RODE includes the NT2-A multi-pattern condenser microphone, the SM6 shock mount and pop filter, a 10' XLR cable, and a dust cover. Also included in this package is an instructional DVD with an in-depth tutorial by Grammy nominated producer John Merchant.The Rode NT..
Ex Tax:Rs.70,000.00
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