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Privacy Policy

Who Are We?

FotoCrown (hereinafter also referred to as “us”, “we”, and “our”) started from a photography equipment retail shop in the heart of Lahore in 1968, but have now become the among the top choices of experts and professionals in the cinematic world.
It is due to the nature of the e-commerce business, FotoCrown often asks the customers (hereinafter also referred as “you”, and “your”) for their Personal Information. We make sure that the highly confidential, private, and proprietary information is maintained confidentially.
FotoCrown falls under the legal term “Data Collector” which means that we make decisions as to how and why we collect and use the personal data that we collect. Being a “Data Collector”, we are to assure you that the data that we collect from you is used only for the purpose that it was originally collected. We also hold the responsibility to ensure that the third parties, known as the “Data Processors”, also follow the same standards.
Changes and Update in the Privacy Policy 

FotoCrown reserves the right to make changes and updating the privacy policy. When the privacy policy is modified, it will be posted and the revision date will be updated. You are encouraged to come back to make sure that you are up-to-date with our latest privacy policy.
The Purpose for This Policy 

This privacy policy covers FotoCrown. It explains the Legal Basis of how and why we collect your Personal Information and what we do it. It will also inform you about your data privacy rights, and how to exercise them.
When we say “Personal Information”, it refers to the data that is collected as for your identification such as your name, postal address, email address, phone number, etc.
Legal Basis for Collection and Processing of Personal Information

The personal information that we collect from you is used for a number of purposes, and for various Legal Bases of processing. Following are the details as to how we use the collected information.
To Fulfill the Sales Order and Providing Our Services

• To register you as a user of the platform so that you can have access to better experience and different functionalities.
• For the completion and fulfillment of your orders. This includes forwarding your information to our partners responsible for shipping, tracking, and delivering your orders.
• For the payment of your purchases. We never capture or store any credit card information. It is directly collected by our partners in charge of payment processing, but since the information is collected from you and on our site, we like to inform you about it.
• To track and update the status of your order.
• To provide you with the best customer care through our email, chat rooms, and phone lines.
• To inform you about the warranty of the purchase that you have made. This is usually done by our warranty partners, sometimes directly from the manufacturers.
• To inform you about your order and provide you with updates and other related information.
• To ask for your feedback about our services and your review.
• To identify, investigate, and mitigate any kind of fraud or other criminal activities.
Compliance of Legal Obligations

• In compliance with tax and financial reporting regulation and requirement
• In compliance with the legal proceedings
• To handle your request forms as to exercise your Data Subject access rights.
• In order to process any kind of information regarding an offense or crime
• To oversee all activities so that your welfare can be maintained on this platform
• In order to protect our employees and ourselves by taking action against the breach of information by the third party.
Processing for our Legitimate Interest 

• For the improvement of our services, such as reviewing information regarding any defected pages so that we are able to take notice and fix it in time.
• The measure, improve and personalize our advertisements as per your activities on the platform.
• Contact you through the provided information such as email address or text message to inform you about your purchases, other products that you may be interested in, our services and offers.
• To provide you with a better customer experience by combining all the information provided to us such as finding products that might interest you on the basis of your buying behavior.
• Improving our website content based on what attracts you the most.
• To be responsive as much as possible on the website or any other platform that you may approach us.
• For providing information through chats or email.
• Measure the customer service performance
• For the verification of the product and assessment of the service.
• For auditing the financials and operations, and internal management.
Consent-Based Processing 

• To provide you with information via email, SMS or push notifications.
• For target marketing from other third party websites
• Send catalogs in digital form or printed emails.
When and How Can You Withdraw Consent 

This is how you can withdraw your consent at any time.
• Email Marketing: you can unsubscribe our emails by the link given at the bottom of every email
 Advertisements: If you do not wish to perform in the advertising program, you can withdraw by un-checking the cookies from your Cookie Preference Page. Make sure you don’t disable all the cookies, some of them are important for our website to function.
FotoCrown Cookies

In order to provide you with a better, safer and faster experience we may use cookies for advertising purposes.
A cookie may be described as a small text file that our website saves on your device in order to store your navigation information on our website. They are not harmful to your device and ate helpful in making the website user-friendly.
Using cookies helps us improve your experience, improve security, and help with marketing by remembering your preferences, your usage behavior, and information.
The Types of Cookies We Use

Session: these cookies have an expiration time as soon as the session ends, but allow us to view your activities while the session is being held.
– Persistent: these are stored on your device and help us through multiple sessions by the information stored
– First Party: These are the cookies that we use including both session and persistent.
– Third Party: these are the cookies used by third party at our request to improve your browsing experience.
The Purpose of Using Cookies

– Essential Web Operation: these are used for the basic functionality of the website, without thee the website become very limited and dysfunctional
– Performance: These are not very important, but can be used to improve the performance of the website.
– Analytics: we use these to help us understand how our website is being used and how we can improve it to give you a better smoother experience.
– Advertising: these cookies collect your information and help you find better things that you might be interested in.
Consent for Cookie 

At any time you feel like you are not comfortable, you can go to your browser’s history and turn off the Cookies.
Your Personal Data Right

– Since it is your data that is being collected on our site, you have the following rights.
– Right to be informed as to how and why the information is being collected.
– Right to request an access to the information being held about you and to confirm how it is being used
– Right to object where you information is used for out Legitimate interests and direct marketing.
– Right to restrict processing by blocking cookies or other ways when you are not comfortable
– Right of rectification when there is an inaccurate information about you and you want it corrected
– Right of data portability so you can use your own data for multiple purposes.
FotoCrown reserves the right to modify, change and update the privacy policy as per requirement. Make sure to refer back to catch up with the latest policy.