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Brand: Viltrox Model: Vertex E21 Battery Grip For 6D Mark
Ex Tax:Rs.7,500.00
Brand: Viltrox Model: Viltrox Automatic Extension Tube Set for Canon EF
Automatic Extension Tube Set from Viltrox also enables you to achieve a greater maximum magnification for close-up shooting with any lens. This kit contains 12mm, 20mm, and 36mm tubes, which can be used independently or in combination for up to seven different lengths to suit different subject types..
Ex Tax:Rs.15,000.00
Brand: Viltrox Model: Viltrox DC-50 Clip-on Portable 5" LCD Monitor
Ex Tax:Rs.14,500.00
Brand: Viltrox Model: VILTROX DC-70EX 7"
Viltrox DC-70EX 4K is a portable 7" LCD monitor which can help you shoot high quality photos. It can provide excellent high definition picture quality. Apart from it, it also features great flexibility and portability. It is perfectly used for: Seminar, outdoor real time broadcasting, recording of d..
Ex Tax:Rs.22,000.00
Brand: Viltrox Model: Viltrox EF-FX2 0.71x Lens Mount Adapter for Canon EF-Mount Lens
0.71x Lens Mount Adapter from Viltrox allows a full-frame Canon EF-mount lens to be mounted onto a FUJIFILM X-mount camera. While doing so, the adapter's optics help to maximize the connected lens's apparent angle of view while providing a one-stop increase for the camera over the lens's aperture ra..
Ex Tax:Rs.23,000.00
Brand: Viltrox Model: VILTROX JY-710-C1 Wireless LCD Interval
JY-710-C1 is a type of multi-functional shutter remote control. It is indispensable for take picture of starry sky and night view. It has the function of simple single shoot, one second continuous shoot, Bulb shoot, the customized delay shoot and Timer plan shoot. With the low power consumption, you..
Ex Tax:Rs.5,500.00
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