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Brand: Zhiyun-Tech Model: Zhiyun Crane-EH001 Dual-hand Crane
Wise Cloud suite hold with both handsCrane suite held with both hands is a tailor made tool by Wise Cloud, which spare more room for creation. The holding way with either of or both hands bring more choices for users, the accessories is mainly made of aerospace aluminum alloy, characterized with ant..
Ex Tax:Rs.14,000.00
Brand: Zhiyun-Tech Model: Zhiyun Smooth-Q2 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer
Use the Smooth-Q2 gimbal stabilizer from Zhiyun-Tech to capture smooth handheld footage with your smartphone, and then store it in your pocket. This compact gimbal features a maximum load capacity of 9.2 ounces for phones up to 3.4" wide, meaning it can handle larger smartphones such as the iPhone 1..
Ex Tax:Rs.15,000.00
Brand: Zhiyun-Tech Model: Crane 3 LAB V2
CRANE 3 LAB boasts a versatile and ergonomic structure that even revolutionizes the entire appearance. By holding the handle of the gimbal in a handy underslung position, you’ll find CRANE 3 LAB extremely effort-saving and flexible.CRANE 3 LAB is the only gimbal on the market that is integrated wi..
Ex Tax:Rs.72,000.00
Brand: Zhiyun-Tech Model: Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S Handheld Stabilizer
CRANE 3S Handheld Stabilizer from Zhiyun-Tech is a powerful redesign of previous Zhiyun gimbals with the addition of detachable handle options, more powerful motors with a large 14.3 lb payload, an updated axis-locking system, external power input, and the ViaTouch 2.0 remote control system. The 55°..
Ex Tax:Rs.105,000.00
Brand: Zhiyun-Tech Model: Zhiyun-Tech CRANE-M2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
CRANE-M2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer from Zhiyun-Tech is designed for compact cameras, smartphones, and action cams up to 1.58 lb. (An optional mounting accessory is required for attaching action cams.) The compact design allows you to maneuver your camera more freely and for longer periods. I..
Ex Tax:Rs.32,000.00
Brand: Zhiyun-Tech Model: Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-4 Smartphone Gimbal
Smooth-4 Smartphone Stabilizer from Zhiyun-Tech, in black, has been designed to provide cine-style functions to content creators using their mobile phones for video capture. When used with the free, downloadable ZY Play app, the control panel enables Android and iOS users to control both gimbal and ..
Ex Tax:Rs.14,000.00
Brand: Zhiyun-Tech Model: Smooth-Q3
Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-Q3 is a compact folding 3-axis stabilizer for smartphones, designed with a built-in LED video light with three selectable brightness levels. It provides stabilized motion along the pan, tilt, and roll axes to let you capture smooth, professional-looking video with your phone. The ..
Ex Tax:Rs.19,000.00
Brand: Zhiyun-Tech Model: SMOOTH-X
The Zhiyun Tech SMOOTH-X Smartphone Gimbal, in gray, is ultra-compact and yet made even more compact by its folding design. However, while it's truly a pocket-size gimbal, it can also be extended out telescopically, in which case it functions as a gimbal plus selfie stick, allowing you to capture 2-..
Ex Tax:Rs.10,000.00
Brand: Zhiyun-Tech Model: TransMount Max Servo Zoom/Focus Controller
Zhiyun-Tech TransMount Max Servo Zoom/Focus Controller can be used interchangeably for zoom and focus control on the CRANE 3 LAB, CRANE 2S, WEEBILL-S, and WEEBILL LAB gimbals. It has a powerful-enough motor to control zoom, whereas the lighter-weight TransMount Lite is designed for focus control onl..
Ex Tax:Rs.12,500.00
Brand: Zhiyun-Tech Model: TransMount Phone Holder with Crown Gear
TransMount Phone Holder with Crown Gear from Zhiyun-Tech is compatible with the CRANE 3 LAB, CRANE 3S/SE, WEEBILL-S, and WEEBILL LAB handheld gimbal stabilizers. It secures on the side of the gimbal and is adjustable to hold phones up to 6.3" wide when the phone is held in landscape orientation. It ..
Ex Tax:Rs.7,500.00
Brand: Zhiyun-Tech Model: WEEBILL LAB
The Zhiyun WEEBILL LAB pocket stabilizer for mirrorless cameras supports cameras up to 6.6 pounds. It has a removable hand tripod that can be mounted on the battery tray as a handle, offering additional functionality, as opposed to the bulk of all controls on the main handle. The gimbal has a no..
Ex Tax:Rs.48,000.00
Brand: Zhiyun-Tech Model: WEEBILL-S
The Zhiyun-Tech WEEBILL-S incorporates the underslung mode design of its predecessor, the WEEBILL LAB, and also has a more compact form as well as other new features. The sling mode design consists of a handle on the rear that allows for easy switching to under-slung mode as well as better ..
Ex Tax:Rs.60,000.00
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