Jmary SR 56 Adjustable Aluminum Clamp


Jmary SR 56 Adjustable Adjustable Design:

Experience unparalleled versatility with the Jmary SR 56 Adjustable Aluminum Clamp. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this clamp features an adjustable design that allows you to customize its fit to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re mounting lights, cameras, or accessories, the adjustable mechanism ensures a secure and stable grip on various diameters of pipes, poles, and more. Perfect for photographers, videographers, and DIY enthusiasts alike, this clamp offers endless possibilities for creative setups. Upgrade your rigging arsenal today and unlock new dimensions of versatility with the Jmary SR 56 Adjustable Aluminum Clamp.

Aluminum Construction:

Elevate your rigging setup with the Jmary SR 56 Adjustable Aluminum Clamp, meticulously crafted for durability and versatility. Constructed from high-quality aluminum, this clamp offers robust support for mounting lights, cameras, and accessories with ease. Perfect for photographers, videographers, and DIY enthusiasts, this clamp is an essential tool for creative setups in any environment. Upgrade your gear arsenal and experience the reliability and convenience of the Jmary SR 56 Adjustable Aluminum Clamp today.

Secure Mounting:

With its strong clamping mechanism, the SR-56 ensures a secure mounting solution for various accessories, such as lights, cameras, microphones, or other equipment.

Versatile Applications:

This adjustable clamp is suitable for a wide range of applications, including photography, videography, woodworking, DIY projects, and more. Adapt it to your specific creative endeavors.

Jmary SR 56 Adjustable Rubberized Padding:

The clamp features rubberized padding on the contact points, preventing damage to the mounted objects and providing additional grip for a secure hold.

Quick and Easy Setup:

Enjoy a hassle-free setup with the quick and easy-to-use design of the SR-56. The adjustable mechanism allows for swift customization, saving you time on your projects.

360-Degree Rotation:

Benefit from the 360-degree rotation feature, enabling you to position your mounted accessories at the optimal angle for your creative work.

Compact and Portable:

The compact and portable design of the SR-56 makes it a convenient tool to include in your kit, allowing you to set up your creative workspace wherever your projects take you.

Model:SR-56.&lt;br />Max load: 1.5kg.<br />Max length: 141mm.
Material: Aluminum.
Clamping distance: 13-60mm.



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