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Aputure XT26 Electro Storm Bi-Colour LED Monolight

Key Features

  • For Studio & Film/TV Production
  • 2700-6500K CCT; Bi-Color
  • AC or Battery Power
  • Onboard, DMX, Bluetooth, App Control
  • CRI 98 | TLCI 98 | SSI 74
  • Advanced Liquid-Cooling Technology
  • Electronic A-Mount, Bowens S Mount

Aputure XT26 LED Monolight XT26 Bi-Color LED Monolight is  designed for professional filmmakers and TV crews who need dependable lighting in tough environments. It’s built strong to handle the demands of movie sets and studios, ensuring it performs consistently.

Powerful Light with True Colors

The XT26 emits a powerful 2600W of light and lets you adjust the color temperature from warm (2700K) to cool (6500K). This versatility is crucial for creating the right atmosphere on any set. It boasts high Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) ratings of 98, ensuring accurate color representation across different lighting conditions.

Easy Connectivity

Designed for seamless integration, the XT26 Pro supports multiple connectivity options. You can control it remotely using the Sidus Link app or wirelessly via LumenRadio CRMX. It also supports Art-net & sACN via etherCON for network-based control and features 16-bit DMX512 capability. These features of empower lighting technicians to manage the monolight efficiently, ensuring precise control during shoots.

Versatile Mounting Options

Equipped with both Bowens Mount and A-Mount, the XT26 Pro accommodates a wide range of light modifiers. Whether using standard accessories or heavy-duty options like the F14 Fresnel, it provides stability and maintains optimized color accuracy across different lighting setups.

Innovative Cooling System

The XT26 Pro incorporates advanced liquid cooling technology to maintain optimal performance under tough conditions. This ensures consistent light output and reliability over long periods, minimizing downtime during the intensive filming schedules.


The Aputure Electro Storm XT26 Bi-Color LED Monolight is a tough and versatile lighting tool for professional film and TV production. It gives strong light with adjustable warm to cool colors. It has high ratings for showing colors accurately. You can control it remotely with apps or wirelessly. It works with different light modifiers and stays cool with advanced cooling tech.



Key Features: High-Quality Illumination Versatile Lighting Options Portable Design Durable Construction User-Friendly Controls Advanced Features Energy Efficient Accessories Reliable Performance Professional-Grade Customer Support Warranty Community Engagement Innovative Technology Eco-Friendly.


Aputure is a leading brand in the lighting industry, known for its cutting-edge technology and professional-grade lighting equipment.

High-Quality Illumination:

Aputure lights provide exceptional brightness and color accuracy, ensuring your subjects are perfectly lit in any shooting environment.

Versatile Lighting Options:

From soft panels to powerful spotlights, Aputure offers a wide range of lighting solutions to meet diverse production needs.

Portable Design:

Aputure lighting products are designed for portability, allowing you to easily transport and set up your lighting on location.

Durable Construction:

Built from robust materials, Aputure lights are durable and can withstand the rigors of professional use.

User-Friendly Controls:

Aputure lights feature intuitive controls, making it easy to adjust brightness, color temperature, and other settings on the fly.

Advanced Features:

Many Aputure lights come with advanced features like wireless control, DMX compatibility, and special effects modes for creative lighting.

Energy Efficient:

Aputure lights are energy-efficient, providing powerful illumination without consuming excessive power, ideal for long shooting sessions.


Aputure offers a range of accessories, including softboxes, barn doors, and gels, to customize and enhance your lighting setup.

Reliable Performance:

Aputure lights deliver consistent performance, ensuring reliable and stable illumination throughout your shoot.


Aputure products are trusted by professionals in the film and photography industries for their high quality and reliability.

Customer Support:

Aputure provides excellent customer support, offering assistance with product selection, setup, and technical issues.


Aputure lights come with a comprehensive warranty, providing peace of mind and protection against manufacturing defects.

Community Engagement:

Aputure actively engages with its user community through workshops, tutorials, and social media, fostering learning and collaboration.

Innovative Technology:

Aputure is at the forefront of lighting technology, continually developing new products and features to enhance the user experience.


Aputure lights are designed with eco-friendly components, contributing to sustainable practices in the film and photography industries.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Illumination
  2. Versatile Lighting Options
  3. Portable Design
  4. Durable Construction
  5. User-Friendly Controls
  6. Advanced Features
  7. Energy Efficient
  8. Accessories
  9. Reliable Performance
  10. Professional-Grade
  11. Customer Support
  12. Warranty
  13. Community Engagement
  14. Innovative Technology
  15. Eco-Friendly.

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