KINGJOY Aluminum High Tabletop DOLLY VX-103

  1. Aluminum Construction: Durable and lightweight for long-lasting use.
  2. High Stability: Ensures steady and smooth camera movements.
  3. Tabletop Design: Perfect for close-to-ground shots and versatile applications.
  4. Scale Marks: Enables precise and repeatable movements for consistent results.
  5. Smooth rolling wheels provide fluid and controlled motion for professional footage.
  6. Versatile Applications: Suitable for product photography, macro videography, and more.
  7. Adjustable Legs: Allows customization of height and angle for flexible shooting setups.
  8. Compact and Portable: Easy to carry for both indoor and outdoor use.




The KINGJOY Aluminum High Tabletop DOLLY VX-103 provides an efficient solution for capturing dynamic shots on tabletops. This portable device ensures stability.

Crafted from durable aluminum, the dolly combines robustness with a lightweight build. Its sleek design allows for easy transport and setup.

Smooth Movements
The dolly’s wheels glide effortlessly, enabling smooth camera movements. This feature enhances video quality by reducing unwanted shakes and jitters.

The device ensures stable shots, critical for professional videography. Its solid construction maintains balance, even with heavier cameras.

Adjustable Arms
Adjustable arms on the dolly offer flexibility in shot composition. They allow precise positioning of the camera for optimal framing.

Compact Size
Despite its sturdy build, the dolly is compact. This feature makes it ideal for on-the-go videographers needing reliable equipment.

Easy Assembly
Setting up the doll is straightforward, requiring minimal effort. Its user-friendly design saves time, allowing you to focus on creativity.


Versatility of KINGJOY Aluminum High Tabletop DOLLY VX-103

The dolly suits various shooting scenarios, from product videos to creative tabletop shots. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool.

High-Quality Wheels
Equipped with high-quality wheels, the dolly ensures smooth, noise-free movements. This enhances the overall shooting experience.

Adjustable Angles
The device allows for adjustable angles, offering creative freedom. Users can experiment with different perspectives for unique footage.

Lightweight and portable, the dolly fits easily into most camera bags. Its portability makes it an essential accessory for travel.

Robust Construction
Constructed from premium materials, the dolly withstands regular use. Its durability ensures long-lasting performance, even in demanding conditions.

Precision Engineering
Precision engineering guarantees reliable operation. Every component works together seamlessly, providing a smooth and efficient experience.

The dolly is compatible with a wide range of cameras. This ensures that photographers and videographers can use their existing equipment.

Offering high functionality at a reasonable price, the dolly represents a cost-effective solution for achieving professional-quality shots.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the dolly is intuitive to use. Its simple operation allows users to focus on their creativity.

The KINGJOY Aluminum High Tabletop DOLLY VX-103 enhances tabletop videography and photography with its smooth movements, stability, and versatility, making it indispensable.


Constructed from high-quality aluminum for durability and a lightweight design.


Provides a stable platform for smooth and controlled camera movements.


Tabletop design suitable for close-to-ground shots and versatile applications.

Scale Marks:

Features scale marks for precise and repeatable movements, ensuring consistency.


Equipped with smooth-rolling wheels to achieve fluid and controlled motion.


Versatile usage for product photography, macro videography, and various scenarios.

Adjustable Legs:

Allows customization of height and angle for flexible shooting setups.


Compact and portable design for easy transportation and use in different locations.



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