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COLBOR CL220 Bi color LED Video light 220W

Key Features

  • 1600g, compact and easy to carry
  • COB LED bead: ?220W,Peak power: 250W
  • OTA firmware upgrade, empowered update feature and more possibility on APP
  • Optional mobile power solution (can be adapted to V-port battery plate)
  • Useful Group control
  • 10 built-in special effects and a maximum 46 kinds of realistic scenes
  • Vivid colors,CRI?96;2700-6500K(±200K)
  • Unique aluminum alloy NATO design creates more possibility

  1. Foto Crown with Color CL220: Bi-color LED Video Light, 220W

The Colbor CL220 is a cutting-edge 220W two-tone film and video light designed specifically for content creators, videographers, and filmmakers. Engineered with advanced bead assembly technology, robust metal construction, and a stable power supply, this innovative light ensures a constant 220W output at every color temperature.

  • COLBOR CL220 Bi-color Ultra-Bright Illumination
  • The CL220 delivers an ultra-bright illumination of 105,000 Lux at 1m with the included standard reflector, providing powerful balanced daylight at 5,600K.
  • Lab data confirms it’s 25% brighter than similar-wattage lights available in the market.

Compact and Lightweight Design

  • Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, the CL220 weighs only 1.6kg, making it 50% lighter than other lights with similar power output.
  • The surface oxidation treatment and texturing process ensure robust reliability.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

  • Utilizes two optimal heat sink solutions, including NTC thermistor and PWM control, to monitor and adjust the luminaire’s temperature intelligently.
  • copper heatsink-based dissipation scheme quickly and efficiently dissipates thermal energy, while the integrated cooling fan maintains low noise levels.

COLBOR CL220 Bi-color Versatile Power Options:

  • Equipped with Neutrik REAN connectors for a safe and reliable power supply.
  • Can run on a single V-mount battery for half its maximum power output, and upcoming dual V-mounts provide full output capability.

Built-In Lighting Effects

  • Offers 10 built-in lighting effects such as strobe, pulse, lightning, TV, and fire, with adjustable color temperature control.
  • Enhance creativity and versatility for various studio setups and live broadcasts.

Universal Adaptability

  • Features a universal Bowens mount compatible with a wide range of light modifiers, like the Color BP45.
  • The standard NATO slot accommodates various NATO accessories, and the included NATO extension bar supports additional photography accessories.


With its advanced features, reliable performance, and versatile adaptability, the Color CL220 sets a new standard in film and video lighting, empowering filmmakers to unleash their creativity and achieve exceptional results.



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