JIEYANG Professional Camera Tripod JY0508C

Key Features:

Fluid Head for Smooth Movements

Sturdy and Lightweight Aluminum

Quick-Release Plate

Adjustable Leg Sections


JIEYANG Professional Camera Fluid Head for Smooth Movements:

Unlock seamless filming experiences with the JIEYANG Professional Camera Fluid Head, designed for smooth and precise movements. Whether you’re negotiating complex camera maneuvers or executing simple adjustments, the fluid head ensures a smooth exchange of movements, enabling you to achieve professional-quality footage with ease.

JIEYANG Professional Camera Sturdy and lightweight aluminum construction:

This combination ensures durability while making it convenient for videographers to transport and set up the equipment at various shooting locations.

Adjustable panhandle:

This ergonomic design contributes to the overall ease of use, allowing videographers to achieve precise and fluid camera motions.

Quick-Release Plate:

The quick-release plate facilitates swift and secure attachment and detachment of your video camera. This feature is invaluable for efficient transitions between using the tripod and handheld shooting or other setups.

Adjustable leg sections:

The tripod’s legs consist of multiple sections that can be adjusted to different lengths. This flexibility in leg adjustment provides videographers with the ability to adapt the tripod’s height based on the shooting environment and desired perspective.

  • JIEYANG Professional Camera Flip-Lock Leg Clamps:

  • This design ensures that the legs remain firmly locked in position during use, contributing to the stability of the video setup.
  • Center Column with Locking Knob:
  • The center column features a locking knob that allows users to secure the column at the desired height. This feature enhances stability and provides precise adjustments for various shooting scenarios.
  • Bubble Level:
  • This feature is particularly beneficial when capturing video footage in challenging environments or when working with panoramic shots.
  • Rubber Feet with Spikes:
  • The tripod’s rubber feet provide stability on smooth surfaces, while the retractable spikes offer enhanced grip on soft or uneven terrain.
  • Carrying Case:
  • The JY0508C comes with a dedicated carrying case, offering a convenient solution for transportation and storage. The case protects during travel and helps keep all components organized.




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